Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

For Father's Day, I asked the kids what their favorite things about their dad are:

As you can see, Elizabeth made the most impressive contribution...

Of course, RIGHT after I showed this to Andrew, she started marching around saying, "Wuv you Dad!!!"  

A good student, clearly.

(If you're reading this in Feedly or another reader, you probably have to click through to see the video - I think it's worth the 1 minute 6 seconds!)

Here's Father's Day 2013, Why I Love My Husband, Father's Day 2012, and Father's Day 2011, just in case you want to click all the things and read about nothing...

And in the interest of answering more of Cecilia's incessant questions (why can't I see the noodles when they're cooking? can I touch the hot pot? why would fire burn me? when will you die? can I take the name Therese when I'm a nun? why did the witch not want Rapunzel to leave her tower?), I'll leave the post at that, and maybe try a WIWS post later, since I got pictures!

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