Honeysuckle, etc.

Monday, June 2, 2014

I noticed this evening that there was some honeysuckle creeping over the fence from the neighbors' yard, so I pointed it out to the kids, just saying that it smelled really good...

So they quickly pulled off a branch :/

And tried to figure out if something that smells so good also TASTES so good!

Cecilia was pretty disappointed, convinced that "da bees ate all da honey!"

So I showed her the trick where you pinch off the end and pull out a teeeeny tiny little drop of nectar.  She was ecstatic!  And it reminded me of just how much time I spent with friends at recess in grade school, trying to gorge ourselves on honeysuckle nectar, one tiny drop at a time.

It's kind of amazing, being able to introduce them to things that were such a big part of my childhood!


This weekend was rough.  Well, really just rough for me.  I came down with something during my yearly amusement park trip with my students (100 middle school students.  17+ hours "on" with them.  Way too much time on a bus.  I'm amazed I didn't get sicker), and was completely out of commission Saturday and Sunday.  Thankfully my mom was in town to help out!

When I finally managed to crawl up the stairs to join the living on Saturday morning, John Paul ran over excitedly to me:

JP: Mom!  Are you feeling better?
Me: No, not really...
JP: Oh.  D'you have tuberculosis?
Me: ...  No.
JP: D'you have ebonia?
Me: Ebonia?
JP: Pneumonia?
Me: No, not pneumonia either.

Yeah, no idea what it was/is.  Still lingering with headache, nausea, sore back and neck...  Hopefully I'll be over it soon!

The weird part of it is, since the babies couldn't nurse at all on Friday/Saturday/Sunday, they're pretty much weaned.  It was going to happen soon anyway, since my supply is pretty much gone.  But it's still...  Weird.  Elizabeth has asked to nurse a couple of times and is easily distracted, and Mary Claire seems to care not even a tiny bit.


I kind of had to be back in commission this morning because my mom was gone and Andrew had work, so Cecilia was SHOCKED to see me in the morning:

Cecilia: Mom!  Are you all better?
Me: Um, some of the way, Cecilia.
Cecilia: Oh.  Did da baby come out yet?
Me: No, not yet...
Cecilia, disappointed: Why not???

Yeah, this little one and the concept of time...  Not so much!


Speaking of Cecilia, though:

Photo: "Cecilia, what did you draw?"
"A baby. Wif a umbilical cord!"

"It's a baby.  Wif a umbilical cord."

On a birthday card for a pregnant friend.  I guess it's appropriate?

The cord stretched to approximately 5x the length of the baby.  Yeesh, that's a lot of umbilical cord.  She tells me these days that she really wants to be a nun, so I suppose her preconceived notions are moot!


It would have been my parents' 35th wedding anniversary today - would you send up a prayer for my dad's soul?  And also for my mom?

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