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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

-- After getting over a stomach bug and being back to normal for probably 2 days total, I've been battling a stupid summer cold (SERIOUSLY I'm pretty sure it hit 100 today, shouldn't colds be dead?) and can't shake it.  Worst. Ever.

-- John Paul told me today, "I was dreaming about giving rocks to Dad!  I crushed shells into limestone, and I found another piece of limestone that was made into marble!"  

Can you tell we've been reading a lot of Magic School Bus lately?

-- And speaking of Magic School Bus, this:


New Magic School Bus series?  Yes, please!  Not until 2016, but still...  Awesome!

And while I want to be a purist about my Magic School Bus, there are some scientific concepts that the show originally covered that need updating, because stuff changes!  Like the whole Pluto thing...  

-- I finally told my middle school students I was pregnant.  They were like, "Um yeah, we kind of knew...  But we didn't want to say anything because that would be rude."  But then I also had to tell them that I'm not coming back next year, and that was sad...  I feel like this deserves a whole post, but long story short (for now), 5 kids and a growing teaching workload because my program keeps getting bigger?  Just not possible.  Now to see if I can take these kids up on their offers to come babysit for free ;)

-- Mary Claire is too smart for her own good.  We're getting complete sentences pretty consistently out of her, but they tend to be sentences she constructs in order to give herself permission to do something she shouldn't...


Me: Stop climbing, Mary Claire.
*pause while she thinks...*
Mary Claire: You may climb!  
*continues climbing*

Me: Mary Claire, you can't bite your cousin's baby doll.
Mary Claire, mumbling under her breath: You may bite it...

Mary Claire, sticking her finger up her nose: Stop. Picking. Nose.

Reminds me of when John Paul was about 2.5 and used to ask for permission to do something and then give himself the permission...

John Paul:  May I pweeeez...  Have da sharp sharp knife?
John Paul:  Yes, you MAY!!! 

-- 20-week ultrasound coming up a week from today!  What do you think - boy or girl?  Twins? Let's hope not...  Actually, we still haven't decided whether we're finding out the gender.  So that's probably a decision that needs to be made soon...

Someday a coherent post will be formed.  But not today.

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