June Garden Progress

Friday, June 6, 2014

This is so very much not a gardening blog...  But we're trying to grow even more this year than last year, and eventually grow a substantial amount of our own produce, so I think it'll be useful for me to have something to look back at next year when I'm planning the garden again!

Heck, I'm already fascinated just looking at last month's pictures and comparing the crazy progress!

The peas are not growing super-tall (I really need to add more twine because they're falling down) but they're starting to flower!

The morning glory is getting tall enough to send out tendrils, the zinnias are growing nicely, and there is a bare patch where John Paul just *had* to dig...  There's mint growing in that pot to the side, because John Paul kept tasting various weeds looking for mint, so I decided to get him his very own plant.

Pole beans finally have poles!  Bush beans are getting bushy and starting to flower!  And I need to plant more...

The oregano and sage are OUT OF CONTROL!  I need to dry a bunch of oregano, and cut a bunch of sage and freeze it because I love to use it for sauces and it keeps really well chopped and frozen.

The dollar store marigolds (left) are getting huge but no buds yet.  And the squash and zucchini are getting huge too!  We're definitely going to have an overabundance, so hopefully our neighbors won't mind eating some for us ;)  Or local friends!

Strawberries!  We planted the everbearing variety last year, and the smaller plants in the back have just started flowering so we'll see how they do.  We've probably gotten 20 or so strawberries out of the plants this year, and the squirrels have gotten to probably about the same number...  We really need to net them :(

But they're so tasty!

The lettuce has been seriously disappointing.  I planted it what, two months ago?  And this is IT?  Ridiculous.  Awful.  Angry.

The cucumbers are just starting to form buds!

But they don't think they need to grow any larger or attach to the trellis or anything...

Squirrels still thing they need to bury things among the carrots.  And I still haven't planted more.  Eventually...

The roma tomatoes are just about ready to be caged, and I saw buds starting to form yesterday!

The squirrels destroyed all the pepper seedlings I planted a few weeks ago, along with some that I planted over a month ago.  So I need to buy some seedlings that are larger and hopefully they'll leave those alone, because apparently the ones I started are too tasty?  Really annoyed.  I hate squirrels.

Basil!  I scattered the remains of a variety seed packet from last season, because the kids love purple basil and all the different varieties, and it's coming up nicely!  I also planted a packet of lemon basil because it's sooooooooo yummy and I'm planning on making and freezing a ton of pesto if I can.

Cherry tomatoes!  Can you tell which are the first seedlings I planted and which are from a few weeks ago?

And the Krim seedlings managed to overcome the fact that I didn't harden them off at all and are thriving!  And THESE the squirrels didn't destroy! 

Pear tomatoes!  They're just starting to form buds too - not the most delicious, but always very plentiful and not very acidic, which is nice for the kids (particularly babies).

The garlic is still growing crazy-well and I'm excited to harvest it at some point, particularly since we planted it on a whim!

First cherry tomato blossom :)

And some renegade tomato plant that grew from the Krim seeds I planted...  I think it's a potato-leaf plant?  I'm definitely curious to see how it develops!

And last, sunflowers (dwarf sunflowers, John Paul reminds me) in a weed-ridden bed in the front yard that the kids claimed as their own garden.  

Not pictured: A trillion azalea bushes in the front yard that I really want to cut down and replace with blueberry bushes...  Would that be terrible?


I need to plant more beans & carrots, stake and cage the tomatoes, buy more pepper seedlings, transplant the rest of the tomatoes and peppers, and I'd like to buy a few tomato seedlings that are the bigger slicing variety - I mostly focused on tomatoes that are good for storage, but there's something pretty fun about those ginormous heirloom varieties too!

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