Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What We've Been Reading {FF}

I have some real blog posts in the works, I promise, with pictures and all!  But it's been crazy around here - Andrew and I were at our very first homeschool convention this past weekend, today was my LAST DAY OF WORK EVER (!), we had our ultrasound yesterday, etc...  I promise, all the updates soon!  But for now, since I'm stealing a little time during naps, here are some awesome books we've been reading lately:

The Seven Silly Eaters - We all love this book - after we renewed it 4 times from the library, I knew it was time to actually buy it...  So when we saw it from a vendor at the homeschool conference, I grabbed it immediately!  The kids all adore it, and it's one that's actually really enjoyable to read aloud because the rhyme scheme is great.  I was concerned that they might decide that they wanted to be picky eaters because the kids in the book are, but not even close - the lesson they took from the book is that they would like to have 7 kids in the family and they would all like to sleep in the same room.  So yeah, I think it probably goes without saying that this family is very likely Catholic ;)

Reckless - Young Adult Fiction!  Yay!  I downloaded a library copy out of desperation because I wanted *something* that was available immediately, and I remembered liking Cornelia Funke when I read some of her books a while back.  This was terrific!  The main character, Jacob, spends much of his life in another world that he enters through the mirror.  This most recent time, his brother follows him and ends up being attacked, which leads to his transformation into another terrifying species.  Jacob and his brother are on a quest to reverse the transformation throughout this book.  Fairies, shape shifters, magic galore...  It's my kind of book!

Fearless - So of course I immediately got the sequel.  Also awesome, definitely worth reading!  But I wish they hadn't been written so many years apart, because it doesn't give me a lot of hope that another book in the series will be written any time soon...

An Alphabet of Catholic Saints - Also a convention buy - I love the illustrations, the kids love the saints.  Not the best editing, since they forgot to fix one of the "Blesseds" on Kateri Tekakwitha's page, so in one place she's a Saint and in another she isn't yet...  But overall, a really nice book for Catholic kids!

  Prima Latina - I know, I know...  Don't start Latin until they're in 4th or 5th or whatever grade.  But...  John Paul!  I mean, last night he slept with a French-English dictionary.  So yeah, he just about peed his pants when we brought this home from the homeschool convention.  And is now greeting everyone with "Salve!"

Okay, I hear John Paul hollering from upstairs, so blogging time is over!  Linking this up with Heather at Mama Knows, Honeychild for my 5 Favorites this week...  And maybe linking up with Jessica at Housewifespice, buuuuut my money is on her being in labor because she doesn't have a post up today!

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