Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Favorite Sister?

Sometimes I wonder if the novelty of Peter has worn off... Nobody's jockeying for his attention anymore now that he's mobile, mostly they're trying to keep him from eating their various books and chokeable treasures. 

But Mary Claire still acts like every time she sees him again is the FIRST time!

"PEEEEEE-der!!! Can I give him a hug and a kiss? And say 'Ip, Pih-bip?' (Her nickname for him) Can I mush him? And say 'Peter WHAT are you doin'?' And I kiss him and he give me a WET kiss?"

She makes him laugh SO hard. Usually whatever it is is incredibly annoying to me until I see how much Peter absolutely adores it. 

Of course, she also thinks it's hilarious to try to ride him when he's crawling. And she runs up to him "mushes" his cheeks until he MUST be in pain.

Lately I can't leave them alone to play together anymore because I'll hear him inevitably cry and run to find that she's pinched him.

"DO NOT pinch the baby!"
"Um, I di'nt pinch him, I 'nidded' him!"

Not a thing.

Or I find his head covered with saliva, because she practiced her spitting skills right over his hair.

It really is nice to see how much these two have bonded, though - the twins have their special twin thing going on and I really wondered where Peter would fit in with all the other kids. I think they still like him!

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