Stitch Fix #3: What the Heck?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Okay, I'm going to annoy some people here... I know some of you LOVE Stitch Fix. But after three tries? I'm more frustrated than ever with the service!

My first try I kept one item and sent the others back.

My second try I didn't keep anything, and made a special request NOT to have any dry clean or hand wash items sent to me.

So I was hopeful for my third try this month. And I was pretty disappointed.


I made sure to try pinning specific Stitch Fix items I liked on my Pinterest Style Board, at the suggestion of others.

I didn't receive any of them.

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Here's my original style note on my style profile, which I spent a rather long time filling out the first time I got a Stitch Fix to make sure I got items I liked:

"I don't wear pants or jeans at all - only dresses and skirts! I'm also nursing my 5-month-old, so tops and dresses MUST have nursing access or there's no way I'll ever wear them - this means tops with enough stretch or drape to be lifted up easily, or tops & dresses that button down the front. Faux-wrap, shirt-dresses, crossover necklines all work as well. Machine washable only, please!"

I made this note to my stylist for this try:

And I gave detailed and explicit feedback on the surveys following my first and second fixes, so I was hopeful.

Clearly I shouldn't have been.

Here's what I got:

Three long-sleeved shirts. One pair of jeans. One maxi skirt in a kind of weird print.

And the style cards that came with it made me think my stylist wasn't really paying attention to what I actually like to wear:

7 out of 10 of those outfits include pants. Which I don't wear. Not exactly helpful.

So I tried everything on and took pictures, because that's what I do. Peter helped by encouraging me to smile!

Pixley Tracy Dot Print Cross Back Knit Top - $58

This one would be really good for a post partum mom in the first few months, or as a maternity top. Stretchy neckline that can be pulled down for nursing, blousy enough to be pulled up easily for nursing.

But it made me look MUCH larger than I am, and the sleeves were making me sweat in my air conditioned house. That's why I requested sleeveless tops!

I do really like polka dots though - these two tops are more like something I'd actually wear:

Verdict: Returned.

Kut From The Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean - $78 (similar)

Oh these were bad. They were my requested size but they were HUGE on me - you see how I'm pulling out the waist band? There were probably 4 extra inches there, and they were falling down and also far too long. Plus my toe got caught in the stupid distressing when I was pulling them on.

Verdict: Returned

Loveappella Tavares Knit Top - $48

This one reminded me of another shirt I had like it:

Oh wait, no. That was Peter, back in December.

Too hot for Virginia in July, unflattering on me, too reminiscent of baby clothing. Any one of these would have been a better option, and they're all cheaper:
Verdict: Returned.

Pixley Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt - $54

Nursing-friendly, similar to a style I had pinned but again with the sleeves!!! I specifically requested sleeveless tops and I got NONE. How much more specific can I be? I really disliked this print, and thought the fabric felt really cheap.

Verdict: Returned.

Loveappella Cheyanne Printed Maxi Skirt - $58

I was worried this would end up fitting like the maxi skirt I really loved in my first fix, but it was actually short enough! Unfortunately, I really didn't like the print, and the fabric was so thin and cheap-feeling that it was see-through and stretching awkwardly at my hips. I'm considering getting this maxi skirt from Ann Taylor instead, since it's on sale right now.

Verdict: Returned.

I just don't know what else to do - I saw on another blog that it's helpful to request the same stylist but none of mine have really "gotten" my style. I also read that it's helpful to tell your stylist what styles you particularly like - I tend to be a J.Crew/Gap/Ann Taylor sort of person, so maybe if I tell my stylist that, it'll help? I'm just so frustrated. I'm going to email customer service AGAIN and see if they can do anything to help me - I have enough credit to try one more time, so maybe the 4th time will be the charm? 

Or maybe I should just start offering to shop online for other people... Think anyone would pay me $20 to send them a bunch of links to stuff they should wear?

If you found this post helpful and want to try Stitch Fix, I'd love it if you signed up through my referral link - that way I can continue writing these depressing posts about how everything was awful! (But seriously, I know SO many people who love it - it must just be me!)

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