June Garden Tour {In July}

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy July! Because I'm a nerd, I'm gonna go ahead and bore you with garden-y stuff again and link up with Cari for her garden tour link up. I'll make it snappy, because Mr. Never-Nap is currently in his high chair spitting out cheerios and who knows how long that'll give me (not long enough for a shower, but perhaps long enough for a blog post?)...

Zinnias blooming! Marigolds too, and baby sunflowers close... I harvested the garlic scapes and used them in a very tasty salad dressing last night, too. 

Zucchini, summer squash, mystery squash, and cucumbers are growing nicely considering we started them late.

Looks like at least one cucumber has been pollinated so far (I've been doing it by hand because I don't trust the bees and because it kind of makes me giggle to think that I'm doing "artificial insemination")!

And a zucchini, too!

The volunteer tomatoes are CRAZY. I'm pretty sure we've got some roma plants and I'm not sure what else... Carrots are in that bed too, and sugar snap peas that have just about died off.

So far we've got one adorable little ichiban eggplant from that bed as well, and it's going to fulfill its destiny in a tasty ratatouille tonight!

Pole beans are growing decently but don't look like they'll produce as well as last year, and basil leaves much to be desired but I've got high hopes for pesto!

I've harvested a total of two bush beans as well, to add to our farmer's market purchases. Oh beans, why you gotta be so lame?

At least they're pretty?

The other tomatoes are producing generously, and we've feasted on many a cherry tomato so far.

Sadly, they're diseased and even stripping off all the affected leaves didn't help. So we'll see if they can stick it out, but so far they still look good except for all the dead leaves!

I've got many big, beautiful tomatoes just waiting to ripen and as long as I can keep toddler paws off of them, I'm thinking we'll be eating lots of caprese salad in a few weeks!

Also, so many cherry tomatoes that I can't find places to stake them all... This happens every year!

The morning glory in the Mary garden has started climbing, and we have ONE lonely flower from the seeds planted at Easter. There are a few more that will be coming soon I think, but it's not going to be quite as lush a garden as it was last year, sadly...

I have no idea what this is, it came in a wildflower seed packet from the dollar store. But at least it's pretty!

In the rest of the yard, the hostas are blooming and weeds are trying to take over everything else!

How does YOUR garden grow?

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