Salt Licks, Late Crownings, and Flowers {7QT}

Friday, July 17, 2015


I posted this yesterday but it displeased the Facebook filters and they hardly showed it to anyone...

So if you're on Facebook, would you hop on over and click "Like" if you haven't already? I promise the romper post will be epic! Plus it means I've beaten the Facebook system, because they emailed me this morning to be like, "Hey! You should pay us to promote your page!" So help me stick it to the man!!!


Andrew doesn't like having his picture taken. But Peter's too adorable not to post this picture anyway... Sorry not sorry!


We planted mini sunflowers this year and I LOVE them (even though shortly after I took this picture something ate many of the leaves and petals of the plant...). So this is a reminder to myself to plant them again next year - real sunflowers are fun but gosh they get so awkwardly tall... These are way more contained!


And we have more wildflowers blooming in the Mary garden, some of which are TOTALLY crazy-looking. What in the world IS this? Awesome, that's what.


Speaking of Mary, we never got around to doing a May crowning and the kids asked to do one the other day because the zinnias are blooming like crazy. Think she liked it?


I let John Paul and Cecilia do some salt painting a while back and the pictures have been hanging on the playroom windows since then... Until today.

Why did I take them down? Because I found the twins climbing on the furniture, licking the salt off the paper.

"It's our dog food!" defended Mary Claire.

Nothing like a little snack of salt and glue.


This super-quick post brought to you c/o both twins actually sleeping during naps (third time this week!!!) and Peter eating Cheerios in his high chair. Time to clock out! Check out Kelly's place for more Quick Takes!

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