Tuesday, November 8, 2016

42/52: The Play

Cecilia, in oldest girl fashion, decided that the girls would be putting on a play. 

She got everything ready - dresses for the girls (they needed to find the most Kirsten-ish dresses from their drawers, and actually did a decent job costuming themselves), characters, hair styles... She needed milkmaid braids (quite a feat when her hair is so short), Elizabeth needed "Kirsten" braids, and Mary Claire needed regular braids.

She even went and cut ribbons from her fabric stash for Elizabeth's hair!

Everyone was costumed and ready to go, so she led the twins upstairs to rehearse. I'm not entirely sure the play had a plot, because after about 3 minutes there was screaming and it never got out of the rehearsal stage.

It's too bad, really. I was so looking forward to their first performance!

The boys were outside while we went through the drama of the day... Shockingly, they were NOT invited to participate in the play! John Paul's major milestone was that he lost his top teeth on subsequent days, so I had to get photo evidence.

And Peter is learning how to jump. It's about as successful as you'd expect from an almost-2-year-old... Lots of running in place and bouncing up and down on his toes. So, adorable.

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