Ditch the Lines: Black Friday Deals Without Leaving the House!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

It's been years since I've actually tried to leave the house to score good deals on Black Friday. After too many underwhelming shopping experiences (and rather a lot of pregnancies & children), I've decided that it's never happening. There are too many amazing deals online to waste any time trying to get to brick-and-mortar stores!

Plus tons of stores have already started their Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals - they know we online shoppers like to take our sweet time scouring the deals, so they're smart enough to give advance notice or start sales early to prolong the shopping season. And while I don't necessarily want to encourage rampant consumerism, I know a lot of people (including me!) who save shopping for certain necessities until the end of the year when all the huge sales pop up!

So what's worth looking into? And what sales can be expected?

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First, make sure you're signed up for ebates - if you click through their site for your shopping, you'll earn cash back on your purchases at no extra cost to you. I've been using it for years and have gotten over $400 refunded on my online purchases! This link will start you off with $10 in your account.

I'd be very surprised if the Instant Pot didn't show up with deep discounts on Amazon - I got one over the summer and it is a game changer. I can't sing its praises enough! I so frequently don't get the chance to start a meal in the slow cooker in the morning, and then I miss my window to start a roast or something in the afternoon... But 4 pm rolls around and it's not too late to use my Instant Pot to get that roast cooked in time for dinner! It's seriously like magic! And also makes perfect rice, which is a life saver for me because our electric stove makes it impossible for me to make decent rice...

I've seen other kitchen appliances on deep discount on Black Friday as well - this immersion blender is already pretty inexpensive and one of my favorite kitchen tools (I hate chunky sauces!). And my Ninja Blender is my favorite purchase from last year - so much easier to use and clean than our old blender.

The girls all live in shearling boots during late fall, winter, and early spring - in years past we've ended up with some decent pairs and some pairs that fall apart... Macy's has Bearpaw boots for an excellent price and they're nice and sturdy, plus shipping and returns are free and you can get 12% cash back through ebates, which drops the price even lower! I grabbed these in pink for Elizabeth and matching ones in tan for Mary Claire and they LOVE them.

I also grabbed a few pairs of this underwear from Macy's and might grab more - it's super-comfortable, pretty, cotton, and doesn't make me feel like an old lady!

Last year Amazon gave out a 30% off coupon good for one book/box set up to $30, so I'm hoping they do the same this year (edit: use code HOLIDAYBOOK for $10 off a $25+ book purchase!). If they do, I'm using it towards the first 12 copies of The Boxcar Children, which I was already planning on getting the kids for Epiphany. Other box sets I might buy as gifts: Bear and Friends (a hit with toddlers!), Frog and Toad, Little Bear (both fabulous for early readers!), Grandma's Attic Treasury (Cecilia's current favorite), Little House Collection (the first 5 books)

I'm also keeping my eye on prices for Keva blocks and Magformers, since I'd like to add to our collection and they don't go on sale often.

J. Crew Factory is currently having a great sale (and 6% cash back through ebates), so I picked up a plaid shirt (they have so many colors available!) and a couple more pairs of my favorite leggings since my old pairs are a few years old and are wearing out.

All the kids got Shining Light Dolls in their shoes for St. Nicholas Day last year and love them, and they've announced that they'll be doing a Black Friday sale through Amazon, so that'll be worth checking out I'm sure!

Check out my gift guides from this year and years past, many of those shops and products will be on sale as well!

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Nerdy Kids Gift Guide (if you have tech-loving kids, get them some snap circuits!!!)
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Christmas and Advent Books

And last, Lilla Rose is offering at least 20% off all accessories, up to 60% off - I'm definitely stocking up on clips, hair pins, and headbands to give as gifts! I can't wear jewelry because the kids will break it, but these are indestructible and are a great way to add a little sparkle without being worried about grabby babies!

Is there anything in particular you're looking for to round out your holiday shopping? I try to have things done by Advent every year and it never happens... This year I've got most things purchased but it'll likely be mid-December before I'm done!

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