41/52: All Saints' Day

Thursday, November 3, 2016

This is the first year we've had an actual *event* to go to for All Saints' Day, and the kids were SO excited to go to church for the homeschool party! 

Well, we didn't tell Peter we were going... It was during his nap, so we dressed him up, took a picture, and then left while he was asleep...

He adores his costume, though - I made a fleece alb for John Paul years ago (because no hemming required) and we won a beautiful set of vestments last year that fit Peter perfectly, so the kids decided he was St. John Vianney. He's been asking to wear it multiple times a day, and shuffles around the house in his too-long alb, freaking out if his maniple falls off! 

Apparently wearing a too-long robe wasn't enough to keep Mary Claire from chasing the chickens! 

I tried to get a group picture.

John Paul was not having it.

He decided to be St. Isidore the Farmer for the second year in a row, and has told me that he'll do the same next year. Easy enough?

Cecilia has been on a Pocahontas/St. Kateri kick, and also wants to be the same saint next year, although she has big plans for making her own costume out of fleece and decorating it.

Elizabeth was easy to identify with that bonnet - not the fanciest St. Elizabeth Ann Seton costume, but goodness she's cute!

Mary Claire dressed up in her costume so much in the weeks prior to the actual day that she lost the brown robe, and we had to pin up John Paul's St. Benedict Robe from a couple years ago. So not strictly St. Clare, obviously, but close enough. Especially considering she removed the costume almost as soon as we got to the party!

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