My Very Grown-Up Christmas List {7 Quick Takes + a Giveaway!}

Saturday, November 12, 2016

You know you're a grown-up when you start thinking about kitchen appliances and cleaning supplies when it comes to Christmas shopping...

And since I kind of had Christmas in July when I got my Instant Pot (which is incredible and bound to go on sale on Black Friday, so keep your eyes peeled!), I don't have a ton of big-ticket items on my list, buuuuut I've definitely been thinking about the following things:

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1. New pearl earrings - I lost one of mine a year ago and I've missed wearing them ever since... But I think I need to go to a legit jewelry store to get a new pair because I need to see them in person. And that requires going somewhere instead of just shopping online. Which is why I still don't have a new pair...

2. Peppermint Joe-Joe's - We don't have a Trader Joe's nearby. These are the best cookies ever but they always stop selling them too early in the season so we try to stock up and ration them but... It never happens.

3. Hard Cider - we have a local(ish) place that makes really, really amazing hard cider in incredible flavors (seriously, if you've never had maple hard cider, you're missing out!). We went for a tasting *right* before I got pregnant, and I've been thinking about it ever since!

4. Booties - I love tall boots, but it gets to be such a pain to put them on and take them off every time we leave the house... I'd like a pair of booties I can wear with lots of different outfits that I can just slip on easily before we head out the door, but I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair. I'm thinking maybe this pair or this one - I'm pretty simple in my tastes, and I'm betting they'll go on sale!

5. LulaRoe - One really nice thing about not being pregnant at Christmas is that I can justify getting new clothes! And LulaRoe is nice and stretchy, so their styles work great on post-partum bodies. Some local friends of mine are about to start their own shop, and I'm in a few facebook groups that I frequent, just waiting for the perfect styles & prints to pop up.

6. A new curling wand - my ancient curling irons mostly do the trick, but are on their last legs... A higher-heat curling wand would make me more likely to actually fix my hair in some reasonable fashion (although I do adore my Lilla Rose clips, but actually styling it would take things up a notch!), and having my hair fixed makes me feel much more put-together when I'm most likely attired in a nursing tank and smelling vaguely of spit-up... I'm clueless here though - got any recommendations? Will something cheap work or do I need to shell out?

7. Cleaning products

I'll admit to being skeptical about Norwex products, solely because I've tried microfiber products before and HATE how they feel, plus they never seem to work right... Evidently that's because I've been getting cheap, horrible versions.

Alicia sent a Kids EnviroCloth and Cecilia went right to work - I've never seen the fridge and bathroom sinks so clean! John Paul took over and I realized that clearly they need their own cleaning tools... Not only did this one cloth work way better than our washcloths + vinegar, but the kids were excited enough that I didn't have to do the work! So yes, I'm putting cleaning supplies on my Christmas list.

Things that look awesome:

The dish mat (we don't have a dish rack and *do* resort to towels, which then get too wet and end up damaging our wood countertops if we aren't careful... This seems like the logical solution!)

We end up using a lot of vases (for kid-picked bouquets) and can never manage to get them clean, so the bottle brush would be a huge help! Maybe it could even get our wine decanter all the way clean for the first time since we got married...

I love the Kids EnviroCloth, and I think one for upstairs and one for downstairs would be perfect, and maybe getting the combination set with the window cloth would help us actually... Clean the windows ever?

Andrew's probably getting the Optic Cleaning Cloth in his stocking because the kids are constantly touching his glasses. Although I might steal it to keep my camera lens clean!

I'm constantly missing spills and they end up getting too crusty to get off easily, so I think the Scrubby Corner Cloth is a necessity.

(If you feel like ordering any Norwex products and want to go through my link, I'll earn credit towards more cleaning supplies. I've never felt lamer for being excited about this but... It's the little things, right? AND if you order through my link, you're automatically entered in a giveaway to win your own free Kids EnviroCloth! Thanks so much, Alicia!!!)

Linking up late with Kelly because my internet keeps failing and I've given up on trying to get any pictures into this post!

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