Saturday, November 26, 2016

44/52: The Best Nest

The kids have invented an excellent new game where they pretend to be birds (and gophers) and make nests on the ground out of old post holes that haven't been filled. It's amazing.

John Paul was a magpie, and I suppose I believe his bird calls because I don't know what a magpie actually says...

Some of the holes are rather deep! Elizabeth was a cowbird (a "not lazy" cowbird, because she's quite offended that cowbirds would be so lazy and rude as to lay eggs in other birds' nests and then ABANDON them!) and that stick was the source of much contention because everybody wanted the "perch."

Peter was... A sparrow? That's what the kids say, at least. Mostly he just really likes sitting in those holes.

Cecilia was a goldfinch and I think spearheaded the whole game?

And Mary Claire tells me she was a robin but other people kept stealing her nest, which resulted in many angry screams...

The game was interrupted when Dad offered rides in the lawnmower cart, though!

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