5 months old!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cecilia is 5 months old today!  I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by...

She has decided this past week that instead of just rolling over and staying stationary, she's going to try to roll as far as possible.  The nice thing is, the living room floor has plenty of space for her to do that.  The not nice thing is that it means I really have to keep John Paul's toys picked up better.  She especially likes going for library books and stickers. 

She is trying VERY hard to outgrow her 6-month clothes.  Most of them she has outgrown, along with a few 6-9 months items (cloth diaper butts do that, she's not really that big).  That's her in a 9-month outfit, which seems to fit perfectly right now.  She was almost 15 lbs at her 4-month appointment, so she's probably around 16 by now.  LONG girl, lovely chunky thighs and wrist rolls, nary a tooth in sight (thank goodness!).

I've also discovered that she can sit up on her own, propping herself up with her hands.  She's not willing to stay in this position for long - it doesn't look particularly comfortable to me, and there's always a toy that she HAS to get that is just too far away...

Right now she's right on track with where John Paul was at her age - she *just* started being able to get her belly a tiny bit off the floor when she's on her tummy, she can scoot forward a teeeeeeny bit, but mostly rolls to get anywhere.  She is giggly around her brother, and not much else really makes her laugh. 

She loves story time at the bookstore and is tolerating her car seat better and better.  Her current nap schedule is *usually* 2 short naps in the morning, normally both concluded before John Paul goes down.  Then she and I play for a bit before her long afternoon nap, which gives me a nice chunk of time to make dinner.  I have no idea what her nighttime sleep is like - most of the time I don't even remember bringing her into bed with us...  It's not great, it's not terrible, and hopefully it will get better!

She loves her family more than anything.  She LOVES watching John Paul do anything, she gets super-happy to see her dad when he comes home, and she's started getting upset when other people hold her.  She calms down immediately when Andrew and I rescue her.  Hopefully this stage will pass soon - I'm always happy to hand the baby off to someone else :P
She and John Paul just started a music class together.  I'm reserving judgment on it until we're a few classes in...

And not only is it Cecilia's 5-month birthday today, it's also our 3-year anniversary!  If you had asked me in high school where I would be at this point, I would have said "Staying home with at least 2 kids."  Shocker, here we are!  I'm hoping to go back to work in the fall, but it's definitely a lot more fun staying home with the two of them than I expected.

Happy anniversary to my wonderful husband - can you believe this was already 3 years ago?

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