Child #3

Sunday, June 26, 2011

It seems we have gained a third child. 

Nope!  Not pregnant again :P

Last night we discovered ANOTHER John Paul.  There's John Paul.  And then there's John Paul IN THE MIRROR.  We played a game much like Simon Says for a while, only instead of Simon Says, we would tell "John Paul in the mirror" to do something.  It started out with silly things - touch your nose, kiss your dad, shake your booty.  But then I thought, why not extend this to USEFUL things?  If I tell him to lie in bed, will he go lie down?  Yup. 

Okay, "John Paul in the mirror, go lie down on your clean diaper!"  Instantly, bedtime diaper is on (and that's the hardest diaper of the day when he's been playing naked after his bath, let me tell you!). 

"John Paul in the mirror, lie down to get your pajamas on!"  Aaaaand done.

"John Paul, put your head on the pillow."  Nope.  "John Paul in the mirror, put your head on the pillow."  Like a flash, the head is on the pillow.

I honestly don't understand the appeal of this "game" but it's AMAZING.  The possibilities are endless!  The difference between the two John Paul's is depressing...  Why is John Paul in the mirror so obedient where John Paul is so defiant?  I'm thinking maybe he enjoys the independence he exercises in his noncompliance, but wants an excuse to obey as well, hence the multiple John Pauls. 

Now, as soon we start getting into the habit of addressing both John Pauls, the game will lose its effectiveness.  But so much of what we do is just using one trick for the couple of weeks that it works and then moving on.  I find this to be quite an amusing tool at the moment!

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  1. The trick is to find a trick to get things done. Remember when I wanted Patrick to do something for me and, halfway joking, I said, "I'll time you"? He was off like a shot doing exactly what I wanted. Meanwhile, I was laughing so hard that I forgot to start the stopwatch on my watch, so I had to lie to him when he ran back, panting, asking how long it took.

    And, as I recall, Patrick was **15.**


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