Friday, June 24, 2011

John Paul has gotten really into narrating his actions and his observations, which is pretty fun to listen to.  A few conversations (some one-sided) with John Paul:

In the car:

"Whuggy dose?  Buggy-sickles! (What are those?  Bicycles!)  Huh MENny (how many) buggy-sickles?  One buggy-sickle.  Two buggy-sickles.  Fwee buggy-sickles!"

Reading a book:

"A-C-O-W-S-A-Y-S bells cow!  M-O-O bells moo!  A-S-H-E-E-P-S-A-Y-S bells sheep!  B-A-A bells baa! L-A-L-A-L-A bells na na na!"

Undressing in the morning:

"Dino shuht OFF.  Dino pants OFF.  Diapah OFF.  Aw naked!  Cwoves in-na hampuh!" (Dino shirt off, pants, diaper off, all naked, clothes in the hamper)


Me:  "No, we don't pat Baby Cecilia while she's nursing.  You may stroke.  See, I'm stroking your head and your back.  Where else can we stroke?"

John Paul (shirtless, poking his nipples):  "Stwoke-a nippows!"

Later that day:

Me:  Touch your nose, eyes, ears, etc.

John Paul:  "Touch-a whiggers!  Gwatchy whiggers!  Mom-a whiggers!  Baby Cee-ya whiggers!  John Paw whiggers!"  (Touch your whiskers!  Scratchy whiskers!  Mom has whiskers, etc.)

Currently (while he SHOULD be napping):

"Whoooo ta pee-pow in-na neigh-ba-hood...  in-na neigh-ba-hood...  in-na neigh-ba-hood!"  (Who are the people in your neighborhood, etc.)

I think naptime for him isn't going to happen today.  I just turned on the monitor and he's singing "Three Little Kittens" instead of sleeping.  Normally he falls asleep around 2, and I didn't check on him because Cecilia decided to take a 10-minute nap instead of a 2-hour nap...  She finally fell asleep and I turned on his monitor to hear him singing cheerfully.  It's a conspiracy - naptime has been TERRIBLE this week, I have no idea why.  Now he's singing "Old MacDonald."  I'll get him in a minute...

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