Cooperative play

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The kids are doing a lot more playing *together* lately.  Mostly it's initiated by Cecilia because she freaks out if John Paul wants to do something that wasn't her idea...  Here they are doing a puzzle together - John Paul puts the whole thing together and Cecilia hands him pieces, telling him what she has found.  "Minnie Mouse HAND!  Minnie Mouse EYES!"

John Paul wanted to help me cut up squash for dinner, so he got a squash end and a table knife.  And of course Cecilia had to join in.  And they both ended up eating raw squash...  

They've also been doing lots of physical play - Cecilia tackles John Paul to the floor, Cecilia chases John Paul around and hugs him when she catches him, etc.  But there's no way John Paul can tackle Cecilia, or she'll freak the heck out!  Ah, a little dictator who takes after her mom...

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