Cuteness and frustration

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cecilia put on my shoes and belt and told me, "Ah you Mom?  Wess doh!  Wess doh to Wobbindon!"  (Are you Mom?  Let's go!  Let's go to *mom's place of work*)

And it was just too cute not to memorialize...  Of course, I told her I was taking a picture and she immediately wanted to perform "Twinkle Twinkle" so I couldn't get a smile.  You get the point :P

I'm at the end of my leash when it comes to dinnertime...  Seriously considering putting a baby gate up so the kids can't get in the kitchen.  How many "samples" of dinner do two children need before they're willing to leave me alone???  I can leave them tons of fruit and veggies and let them snack for an hour before dinner and they're STILL in the kitchen constantly, begging for more food and then eating a ton when dinner is finally served.

It would be one thing if Cecilia didn't constantly demand to be picked up and John Paul didn't constantly try to reach on the counter around sharp knives and bottles of olive oil in an attempt to eat a whole tomato...

They were finally being quiet and leaving me alone for a while during my meal prep this evening.  Then I looked over and saw that they had taken the sewing kit out of its drawer and had taken ALL the pins and needles out of the pincushion.  YIKES!  Nobody was hurt, thank goodness, but REALLY?  THAT'S what it takes to keep them out of my hair?

I need ideas...


  1. I told them the other day that I was making baked gorilla kneecaps for their lunch. They were intrigued.

    The trouble with an absorbing task like removing everything from a pincushion is that it must be a novelty. Until you have a child who is old enough and helpful enough to occupy the other kids while you are making dinner, you may just have to suck it up, because I don't see how you can have a novelty every day. Unless you want them to push their windowscreen out of the way and dump everything out the window, that is. Or, you know, some other novelty that they find for themselves.

    Or maybe I am just not resourceful enough. Something like sorting buttons by color into different jars might work, but only if it is something new every day AND is something that Mom will find useful. I'd ask on FB if I were you.

    Maybe ask them to cut up something for dinner with a dinner knife at the table? Just a thought . . .

  2. I'd suggest a special toy or book that they only get to have during dinner prep.


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