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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The kids LOVE going to Mom's work.  There are hallways they can run in, grown ups who think they're cute, and their latest find - a mural and dry paintbrushes!

They found the used paintbrushes and had a BLAST pretending to paint the mural that was already on the wall.

And looked pretty cute while they did it!

Although John Paul was the only one tall enough to reach...

And he proved what a good big brother he is by trading paint brushes with Cecilia whenever she decided she'd rather have his.

I think I'll need to get them a few of those foam paintbrushes for home and let them "paint" in the bathtub or something - who knew pretend play could be so fun? 

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  1. You can pretend paint on butcher paper with plain old water and paintbrushes of any kind you want. I have practically a whole roll in the car that I keep meaning to give you!


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