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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So we've been pretty lax about this third pregnancy - didn't really concern ourselves with actual prenatal care until suddenly I was in the second trimester and realized, "Oh hey, we should probably schedule an appointment!"  I mean, we've had a boy, we've had a girl, we know how to have babies already.  Right?  What kind of wrench could possibly be thrown into the plans?

Everything was planned out; I had my winter concert with the choirs scheduled for December 6, due date on the 8th, figured I'd have the baby around then or a little later and work up until I go into labor (less tiring than staying home with the kids!).  With such perfect timing, I'd be back to work in 6.5 weeks, right in time for 2nd semester to start.

This pregnancy has been going pretty smoothly - morning sickness was worse than with Cecilia, but far better than with John Paul.  My belly definitely got bigger earlier, but I figured that was just my body remembering the drill.  We joked about twins and didn't consider it in the realm of possibilities.

So today I finally had an ultrasound.  Everything was looking good (you know where this is going...) and then the ultrasound tech said, "So...  You know you're having twins, right?"


I thought she was joking.  Ha.  Ha.  Funny!  Then she showed me two VERY distinct babies.  Yup.  We're having twins.  WHAT???

All I could think was, "Man it's a good thing we bought that minivan..."

So now we have a whole new set of details to think about!  Obviously my maternity leave will have to start earlier, I might have to be out for longer, and who even knows what kind of childcare we can find that can affordably handle a 3.5-year-old, a 2-year-old, and TWINS!

Cecilia's reaction to the news?  "TWO babies!"

John Paul's reaction?  "TWO babies!  Ezra and Nehemiah!  THOSE ARE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE!!!"

I mean, we were planning on having a big family anyway.  I did not think we'd get so far so fast!  I'm still in a daze thinking about all that this will entail...  So any prayers, resources, ideas, ANYTHING - offer them up! Most people aren't as lazy as we are and know this kind of news early on; we found out at almost 30 weeks.  Yikes!


  1. OH MY GOSH ROSIE!! Congratulations - TWINS?! I can't believe it. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way for you to get through this, timing-wise. I have a feeling everything will work out, and if anything, you'll just get to spend a bit more time with your beautiful babies and toddlers! Thinking of you :) - Girl Sam

  2. I too am happy that you bought that minivan! and I *LOVE* John Paul. His reactions always make my day. I'm sure they'll only get better as he gets older too (and learns words that I don't know the meaning of. Wait, he probably already knows words I don't know). But I digress. I'm sure it will be crazy, but you and Andrew (and your families) will make it work. I'd look into an Au Pair if I were you. There are a few different agencies that could hook you up with one. Definitely cost effective with so many (!) little ones, plus the bonus of exposing them to another language (if you want). On a different note, I'm glad your pregnancy is going fairly well so far! Sending positive thoughts and prayers from Atlanta to Springfield!

  3. Do you know the genders yet? I have some nice baby clothes, some gently used, that I would be happy to send along. I also have a snuggly (Evenflo brand) and a sort of travel crib thingy.

  4. Congratulations! I have a high chair left from Jerry if you need a second one.

  5. Thanks, friends! If we weren't living in a 2-bedroom townhouse, I might consider an au pair - right now there's no possible way of fitting an extra person in the house in addition to the 2 extras that are already coming!

    We don't know the genders yet - we'll probably find out in a few weeks, although we're probably doing okay clothes-wise since we have so much from John Paul & Cecilia already, we'll probably just have to stock up on some newborn sizes since the kids never really wore anything small... We'll figure out any baby gear needs as the time gets closer, so thanks for the offers!

  6. Okay, I'm just randomly reading old posts and John Paul is my new favorite human (sorry kids of my flesh. Your quips just aren't cuttin' it anymore!)

  7. I just ran across your blog via the Theme Thursday linkup at Clan Donaldson, and I wanted to say hi. Not that you have time to respond to comments, I totally get that...but on the day you wrote this post, my twin girls had just turned a year old. I also have a four year old son. So, although my hands aren't as full as yours (have you been hearing that a lot?), I know where you're coming from. Nice to meet you - I'm your newest follower.

  8. I just saw this and it made me laugh, with our third we did no prenatal appointments until I was 8 months ;)

    1. 8 months! Now I'm terrified we'll have twins again, so I'm totally going in to at least get that early ultrasound every time!


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