Hey There, Baby!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Guess who's here?  Peter Damian Hill made his appearance at 12:26 AM on Saturday, November 15. 

8.5 lbs, 21.5 inches, and only a 13.5-inch head (which made for a happy pushing mama, let me tell you!  John Paul's 15-inch head was no joke...)

We thought he'd end up coming on his sisters' birthday, but the stubborn little guy held out for *just* long enough to claim a unique birthday, and we found appropriate that a baby named for a Doctor of the Church was born on the feast of another Church Doctor!

Not only does he take the trophy for being our biggest baby so far (beating John Paul by a whopping 2 ounces), he is also the FIRST baby we've ever had who has hair!  None of this peach fuzz the others teased us with for so many months, real hair!  This is an exciting occurrence, as you can tell.

We're home now, and I'm overgramming up a storm so come follow along if you aren't already!

I promise a birth story will come eventually - you'll forgive a general lack of blogging as we adjust :)  Long story short, we finally managed a drug-free birth and I prayed for you all a LOT during, which really helped me get through it and hopefully the prayers are fruitful!

The big kids are doing AWESOME and absolutely adoring their new brother.  The twins are fairly whiny about the whole thing because they don't like sharing mom.  

Cecilia is taking her role as big sister VERY seriously, reminding me that "Whenever you're done nursing him, you just let me know and I'll hold him again!" and "I just need to fix my wedgie but you can give him back to me when I'm done."

The twins spent their visit trying to press every button in the hospital room and trying to use the bed as a slide...
And John Paul has his moments of extreme tenderness, but mostly wants to hold him for a few minutes and then be done, reminding us frequently that "He really loves me because I'm his big brother.  It's okay Baby Peter, your big brother is here!!!"

He's also VERY excited about lactation, as his first excited words upon visiting us at the hospital were, "Mom!  Is there milk in your breasts now???"

This is what happens when your overly-gifted 5-year-old helps himself to reading books about pregnancy during naptime...

Thank you so much for all your prayers and well wishes!  I really appreciate any extra prayers you can send our way, particularly for patience - dealing with sleep deprivation and the extreme, extreme shrillness of whiny toddlers is proving to be a trying adjustment, and we can use all the grace we can get!

I'm sure I'll be back here soon with a glut of pictures :)  Happy Monday!

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