What They Said, Volume 13

Monday, November 3, 2014

It's been ages, I know.  I keep collecting these quotes and going for months without posting them!  Here's what they've been saying recently:

Cecilia brings a baby doll to Mary Claire...

Mary Claire: Baby Soft!
Cecilia: No, she's a big girl now.  Her name is Claire.  Rachel's mom Mary had a new baby boy so Baby Claire is a big girl now.  (Rachel is an imaginary friend who appeared out of nowhere a few months ago.  She has a LOT of birthday parties.)
Me: Oh, and what did she name the baby boy?
Cecilia: ...mmmm... Pppp...  Paul.  And Rachel also has two big brothers, too.
Me: And what are their names?
Cecilia: Sam and Paul.  And her dad is also named Paul.

Sounds like this family could use a little help in the name department...

I walk into John Paul and Cecilia's room during nap time to see them each sitting on their own dresser with pillows behind them, turning them into "cars."  Cecilia has set up 3 baby dolls in makeshift car seats on top of the toy box between them.

Me: What exactly is going on in here, and why were you yelling?
Cecilia:  Mom, Peter (John Paul) is driving us but he said he wanted to take us HOME instead!
Me:  And where did you want to go?
Cecilia:  To da baptism and da party!  I have two outfits for da baptism and da party!
Me:  Who is getting baptized?
Cecilia:  My three new babies!
Me:  Triplets?
Cecilia, angry:  NO!  Dese ones are twins and den I had dis one TOO!

(at least last time she gave her twins time to grow up before she had another baby...)

Me:  Oh, what are their names?
Cecilia:  Da twins are Paul and Sparkles and dat one is Claire.

Of course.

Later, after Cecilia has tucked her babies into their "beds"...

Cecilia:  Mom, Paul and Sparkles have to sleep on sleeping pillows because I don't have enough beds for my babies.

I'm pretty sure there are charities that will help you out with that...

Me:  What are you going to do when they wake up at night?
Cecilia:  Dey never wake up.
Me:  But what if they're hungry and need to eat?
Cecilia:  Dey ate several times.  Mom, what's several?

Glad we're back to an intimate understanding of how babies work...

And some from the twins:

Me: Elizabeth, what's your favorite color?
Elizabeth: Ah-ma-di-YOTE! (Armadillo with a T on the end, which is one of her favorite jokes...)
Me: And what's your favorite animal?
Elizabeth: Chickies!

Me: Mary Claire, what's YOUR favorite animal?
Mary Claire: Taaaaamarin!
Me: And what's your favorite color?
Mary Claire: A multi-colored toucan! How lovely!

They've been telling "stories" lately and it's amazing:

Elizabeth: One day, da cow moo-ed.  One day, da cyock started!
Me:  And then what happened?
Elizabeth:  One day da cyock started, and den da cow mooed!
Me: And then what?
Elizabeth: And den da door opened and cyosed!
Me: Then what?
Elizabeth: And people came in! *hushed voice* Da girls came in... And see da goats!!!


Mary Claire: Once upon a time, dere was a bear eating meat!
Me: And then what happened?
MC: Da bear roared!

Basically we've got a bunch of future authors on our hands over here.

Last one...  Elizabeth was reading a book called "Triceratops for Lunch"

Elizabeth:  Maybe you can have it for dinner, May Cyaire...

I laughed so hard.  SO hard.

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