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Sunday, November 9, 2014

I'm really hoping this is my last pregnant WIWS for quite a while.  40 weeks yesterday, and so SO tired.  Thankfully the big kids did a decent job at Mass today, aside from John Paul reading along with the priest's words a little *too* loudly.  And I may have laughed a little too hard when I saw that Cecilia was filling in every answer in John Paul's Magnifikid with the word "CAT" - that's my favorite beatitude, too?


You know those days when you think you look totally fine and then you take a picture to post to your blog and realize that, no, in fact, you don't look so great?

Just me?

This dress is not, I think, compatible with the final weeks of pregnancy.  Too short.  Awkward-looking.  No drape.

Also, do you like our method of babyproofing the fireplace?  Just shove all the toys inside, and nobody will climb in!  As a bonus, when they don't clean up you can threaten to set all their toys on fire.

No, I haven't yet made that threat.  But I have no doubt it'll emerge in the next few weeks...

Of course, John Paul would probably take that as a challenge and then ACTUALLY try setting things on fire.

Cecilia insisted on posing with the Madeline book we got from the library.  Also, how did I not remember how ridiculously trippy those Madeline stories are?  SO WEIRD.  

I'm trying to convince her to grow her bangs out because they look awkward all the time.  She is convinced they are an integral part of her personality, so they stay...

And this.  This face.  I had to include it, because the camera caught my reaction to overhearing Mary Claire and John Paul fighting over something...  

I'm so done.  Baby?  Time to be born. 

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