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Friday, November 7, 2014

Well okay, before I start complaining...  Two major triumphs lately:


We went out to dinner (um, at a pizza buffet so I don't know that it really counts as "going out") and everybody behaved.  And ate well.  There was no crying.  Also, we only had to pay for the adults and John Paul, because Cecilia and the twins were free.  But seriously, everybody behaved!!! 

Miracle of miracles.  And you know what happens when life starts getting easier?

Yup, time for another baby!


And then!  Today!  We went to Costco and THERE WAS NO CRYING!  Everybody ate peacefully and happily and was just generally cute and endearing and it was astonishing!  It kind of makes me feel like, who are we?  Actually representing large families in public without complete mayhem?  I could get used to this.


But at the same time, there will be no getting used to it because, hey, tomorrow's my due date!  And throwing a newborn into the situation is sure to throw everyone for a loop, no matter how many times we've done this.

"I LOVE you!!!" "I wuv YOU!"


Oh, want to know what else throws you for a loop?  When your fourth child is the FIRST one who ever starts climbing out of the crib.

Thank you, Mary Claire, for reminding us that we will never be experts at this whole parenting thing.

First she ended up out of her crib during naptime.  So I put her back in, and 5 minutes later John Paul told me, "Mom, you forgot to turn off the light in the babies' room!"

False.  I turned off the light.  Mary Claire climbed out of her crib, climbed up onto a chair, and turned on the light.  Then she started giving Elizabeth all the toys and books she could find.  After the third time, she stayed put and they both went to sleep.

Next day?  I put her in tights, in the hopes that not having any traction from bare feet, she wouldn't be able to climb out.  It worked!

Next day?  Yeah, found her IN Elizabeth's crib.

So I got the pack n play out of the basement and set it up in John Paul and Cecilia's room and confined her there, and they both actually slept.  And John Paul and Cecilia were happily occupied with legos, so they were quiet enough for decent naps to be had by all.

But that night?  I heard far too much giggling, noticed the light was on in their room AGAIN, and burst into their room to find both babies in Elizabeth's crib, trying to wedge Elizabeth under the fitted sheet.



So yeah, I moved the chair out of their room after the second time that happened (because moving furniture is what you do when you're 39 weeks pregnant, right?), and she finally stayed put.

"I'm havin' a wittle bit of wine!"  Good thing she's funny.


THEN (because this is getting so long it needs another take), I was planning on just doing separate rooms for naptime again today, except she had climbed out of the pack n play at the end of naptime yesterday anyway, and I thought leaving her in the room with all of John Paul and Cecilia's things would probably be a bad idea...

SO I moved the pack n play into the babies' room, and Cecilia threw a fit because she had been using it for her baby doll, who is actually a REAL baby, and needs a soft bed and it CANNOT be a basket or a pillow or her bed, and I may or may not have threatened to cut the stupid doll into tiny pieces and throw them away if she didn't stop freaking out about it.

Mom of the year, right here.

Anyway, I put Mary Claire in the pack n play and 15 minutes later, guess where she was?

Elizabeth's crib.  And she had pooped and wanted to be taken to the potty, where she did nothing.

Then 15 minutes later, I went in there again to see her straddling the space between the pack n play and Elizabeth's crib, asking to go to the potty again.

So I stuck her in her crib with the threat that I'd take away her blanket if she came out, and went downstairs to watch Gilmore Girls and eat Halloween candy.

30 minutes later, and both babies were actually asleep!  AND woke up cheerful and were generally awesome for the rest of the day (hence the magical Costco trip)!


Isn't it so nice that she decided to do this right before we have a baby?  Because you know what I'm going to be able to do a LOT of while nursing a newborn?  Getting up to toss the toddler back in her crib.

Oh wait.

And it's gonna be super-fun for my mom to deal with whenever we're at the hospital having this baby...

At least it's actually pretty funny in retrospect?


Meanwhile, John Paul and Cecilia spent almost the entire day playing with legos, because we got a giant bin of them from Andrew's dad's house and it's AWESOME.  All the legos he and his brother played with when they were kids, with tons of Star Wars-themed minifigures.  Cecilia's annoyed that there are no girls (I told her maybe we can go to the lego store and she can make a couple girls of her own), and Elizabeth is convinced that everybody is named "Pon Soyo" (Han Solo), which makes John Paul VERY angry.

Anyway, I kind of love watching them create with these things, but the lack of organization frustrates me - what do you do to organize all those teeny tiny pieces?  Do those lego organizer containers actually work?

Okay, done with this stream-of-consciousness post - go read more at Jen's!

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