Thursday, January 1, 2015

How to Take a Successful Family Picture

I think you probably realize that I have no advice for you, right?  Just a whole bunch of pictures in which somebody looks stupid in every one!

First, one where I'm sticking the plastic dollar store clips back in Elizabeth's hair.  John Paul is ready and a serious PRO!

This is the one we ended up using for the Christmas card solely because Peter is actually looking at the camera and...  Well, nobody's crying?

And oh yes, Christmas cards... Ordered them the day after Christmas, they're getting here on Epiphany.  So...  Sending them by Candlemas (February 2) is an achievable goal, right?

This one was a runner up, but Peter's about to cry, Cecilia's making a weird face, and Mary Claire and Peter are the only ones looking at the camera...

Cecilia was sneezing?  Something really interesting was on the floor?

And this is the part where I could barely hold the girls on my lap anymore...  Note the overly-enthusiastic mom trying to convince everyone that a family picture is a REALLY good idea!

Aaaand crying baby.  

Hey, at least *I* look cute here!

And then we gave up.

I'd like to note (brag) that I made the girls' jumpers AND John Paul's bow tie - BAM!  Well, I'll admit that I specifically bought this fabric on clearance last Christmas because I knew that the smocking would make it so that I just had to basically sew a tube, hem it, and add straps (made from pre-purchased binding).  So basically, easy-peasy!  And John Paul adored his bow tie (made using this tutorial) and wore his full suit + bow tie all day long!

We're still sloooowly unwrapping presents - I'm trying to figure out a way to space things out so that we don't end up with entitled brats asking where MORE presents are but...  It seems that no matter what, once our kids hit three they become present-crazy.  Seasoned parents - got any tips?  It's so frustrating dealing with the present hangovers once everything has been opened and they want MORE!

Merry Christmas!

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