Pants-Free July, Version 2.0

Friday, July 1, 2016

So I talked a few weeks ago about doing another Pants-Free July challenge for anyone who's up for a little bit of summer wardrobe fun - and here we are, on the first day of July! 

What do you think? Do you want to try your own twist on Pants-Free July? I'm not going to hit you with real rules, because I think that you need to come up with what works best for you - for example, the last time I did this (3 years ago), these were my self-imposed guidelines:

1.  No pants in public.  Dresses and skirts only.2.  No pants at home unless I'm in my pajamas.3.  No pajamas outside (I've taken to gardening in my pajamas because I get so hot at night that I take my pants off to sleep anyway...  TMI?)4.  If the kids are all dressed, I better be dressed too!Am I the only one who gets the kids dressed and realizes that I'm still in my pajamas?  I need to stop being the last one dressed...5.  Everything must be nursing-friendly, and specifically tandem-nursing-friendly, since there are still times when both twins need to nurse simultaneously. 

This time around, I'm pregnant and have kind of a limited wardrobe, plus I'm not currently nursing. So I'm looking for some basics to round out my wardrobe (how do I have practically nothing?? I don't even understand...), and trying to make things work with hot & humid weather, no central AC, and a whole lot more outdoor time. We'll see what I come up with!

This, for instance, is not exactly a "let's go hiking down to the pond and go pick wild blackberries!" type of outfit...

What do you think? Are you up for a challenge? Here are 7 ways to challenge yourself, if you want to have fun and join in:


Try wearing only dresses or skirts to Mass

Stretchy maxi dresses are a HUGE plus when it comes to toddler wrangling at Mass!


Wear a dress or skirt to the playground/grocery store/library when you would normally just wear jeans


Try going a full week without wearing pants or shorts, and figure out what type of outfit makes you feel most put-together


Do a capsule wardrobe for the month (or even just a week!), and see how many times you can mix up the same combination of clothing items and still keep things looking fresh

A black maxi skirt, for example, can be mixed up SO many different ways!


Take a picture of all your pants-free outfits for a week and post them in a summary post to link up with "My Sunday Best" - I'll try to get pictures of all my daily outfits as well, posting them on my Facebook page, and then doing weekly summaries along with my posts for My Sunday Best.


Take a picture of your pants-free outfit for the day and post it on instagram with the hashtag #pantsfreejuly and tag me, @rosiehill425


Create your own challenge related to "Pants-Free July" and tag me on Facebook - I'll make sure to link to you on my page!

You can check out my "Pants-Free July Summary" post from last time if you're looking for some outfit inspiration from someone who had to wear clothes that were practical for life with a whole bunch of little kids!

This post has a good list of transition pieces that might help you if you're looking for workhorse pieces to round out your wardrobe.

Some of my favorite summer skirts are linked in this post, in case you need more inspiration.

Linking up with the lovely Kelly, who totally rocks the skirt & dress fashion category!

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