39/52: Chicken Love

Saturday, October 15, 2016

We're in the throes of glorious fall weather, cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoons, so everybody is rather confused when it comes to getting dressed... Hence Peter in the long-sleeved shirt and pants and Elizabeth in the sun dress!

It was a gorgeous day, so Andrew brought the chicks (who are obviously not so chick-like anymore!) outdoors to forage. Peter, who is terrified of the big hens ("Chitt-en COMIN' you!!! No??") is still pretty thrilled about the chicks. He chased them around with his broken badminton racket, reaching out and saying, "Pet. Pet! Pet?" One of the naked necks finally held still long enough for him to pet it, and he was quite pleased.

Meanwhile Mary Claire couldn't manage to catch any of her "favorites" easily and was devastated. It... doesn't take much to devastate her. But she finally managed to catch a few and snuggle them and not kiss them because we've been working on the whole "don't kiss chickens" rule... 

Elizabeth was satisfied with just getting to pet a few and watching Mary Claire pick them up! She's come a looong way in her animal fear, but still has a healthy sense of caution.

Not one of the kids. But we have a confirmed rooster! He's beautiful - we're still working on a name, and the girls are making plans for those gorgeous green tail feathers ;) He's pretty darned friendly so far, so I'm hoping we can keep him around!

John Paul and Cecilia weren't interested in joining us outdoors - Cecilia was working on her "school" book, which is black construction paper that she writes on with white crayon like a "slate" that Mary might use in the Little House books. I still haven't really started her on handwriting, and now that she's doing a better job spelling on her own, I think I might need to have her sit down and do some dedicated handwriting work on a semi-regular basis just so that she has an easier time!

She ended up writing "The weather is cold. The snow is deep. It is so deep. But I am warm." (well, with no punctuation) - so really, even if we completely blew off any school-ish stuff for the rest of the year, I think she's already doing pretty well for a 5-year-old!

Sweet John Paul will do almost anything to humor Peter these days. Peter's stegosaurus shirt was John Paul's when he was his age, and John Paul happens to have a similar green striped shirt. Peter really wanted to match and John Paul went on a hunt through the house for his striped shirt so that he could make his brother happy. It was adorable, and Peter was SO pleased! Then they sat together watching Andrew change a flat tire, and it was such a sweet brother moment my heart nearly melted.

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