7 {Sick} Takes (In Which I Am Still Pregnant)

Friday, October 28, 2016


I was sick in bed all day yesterday and went to bed early even after all that sleep, so of *course* I woke up crazy-early, unable to get back to sleep...

But I still feel too gross to get up and do much of anything so... Lying on the couch blogging it is!


I seriously hate the part of 3rd trimester where my body is like, "Oh hey! You know what's gonna take a break here? THE IMMUNE SYSTEM!!!" and I get every. single. illness. that I've even been remotely exposed to. Nobody else in the family is getting any of these ridiculous colds, stomach bugs, whatever... Just me. The worst they've gotten is runny noses. And I suppose it's all for the best because it's easier to take care of a sick adult than sick kids but oof. I'm so done.


Like, did you know that if you have a bad enough stomach bug and get super-dehydrated, your body decides to go into false labor? Because THAT was fun! Contractions 2-3 minutes apart with no real relief in between... Called the midwife, who accompanied us to the hospital where I wasn't dilated at ALL (well, 1 cm, which in my world means nothing). But they gave me Zofran and pumped me full of fluids and a few hours later we were headed back home, baby still safely in-utero.


Although, I'll admit, I wouldn't exactly have minded *not* being pregnant anymore! But it definitely didn't feel like the real deal - baby was still dancing up a storm during the crazy contractions (they always hunker down once real labor has started), plus the whole lack of any sort of break between contractions was another rather obvious sign that this wasn't real labor. Thank goodness my mom lives in our back yard though, so she could come hang out at 4 AM and wake up with the kids (who were disappointed that we returned home with no baby, but understood that it's much better for her to keep growing on the inside to help those lungs develop)!

Oh, did you miss the whole, "It's a girl" announcement?


And thank goodness my mom could then take the kids over to her house to hang out and watch TV and eat pizza all day while I rested! I legitimately thought the whole "rest" thing wasn't going to happen, but she sent John Paul over with saltines and ginger ale while I lay in bed trying to hydrate - the only thing I had to do was get Peter down for his nap mid-day and get the little 3 to bed (Andrew had rehearsal). Hallelujah! The kids said it was a GREAT day and while I'm hoping we don't have to do the same today, I'm definitely not 100% yet so... we'll see.


I thought it was rather hilarious that the twins were upstairs wanting to get ready for bed by about 6, though. Apparently all that TV is tiring! Mary Claire has been taking it upon herself to just go upstairs after dinner and get herself ready for bed if she's feeling even remotely tired (and she's usually the earliest riser), and last night was no exception!


So... The plus side of all of this was that we got to hang out in triage at a hospital we've never delivered at before, so now we have some idea of how things will go when labor actually starts! The nurses were great (they always are - l&d nurses are just the best!), the hospitalist OBs were... well, we'll see who's on call when labor starts, but let's be real - the nurses are the ones who do most of the work anyway. They were all rather confused by the whole lung issue (and kept talking about the mass on the baby's heart? No. Lung. Different organs, guys...), and it was lovely (read: not lovely) when the OB started talking about how if they have to transfer the baby to Children's, they can't transfer me. I KNOW. YOU DON'T NEED TO FREAK ME OUT WITH CRAPPY NEWS WHILE I'M IN LABOR. I've been briefed, believe me.

Oh, another plus? I'm actually negative for GBS this time! The last three times I was positive, and I just kind of figured I'd be positive forever... But nope, it's gone for now, so I don't need to worry about getting to the hospital in time for a full round of antibiotics before baby's born, woohoo! Not that I have precipitous labors anyway, though...

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