My Sunday Best, Vol. 26: Matching Twins, Newsboys, and Lazy Photographers

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Happy Sunday! After a rather chilly day yesterday, we're back to our usual fall weather (thank goodness!) - cool enough in the morning for the twins' hand-me-down coats & dresses from Abbey's twins, which they were VERY excited about!


That's Mary Claire's smile face. She was very pleased, I promise!

Peter was also incredibly pleased, because he really loves going to Mass and Andrew could come with us this morning so Peter got to come, too! He picked out this sweater vest and then backpedaled and wanted to wear the yellow one after he was already dressed. Poor kid... It was rough. He got over it and rallied to have a halfway decent Mass with no crying, just general toddler-ish antics. And then I put John Paul's plaid hat on him when he got home and we all about died, he was so cute! The dirty face (from his post-Mass treat) really completes the ensemble, I think.

I asked my photographer (John Paul) to take my picture, but his shoes were already off and he REALLY didn't want to come outside... So I stood there holding the screen door open while he backed up more and more and more and then assured me I was in the picture. "It's even in focus, I promise!"


Your turn!

Post your outfit details & links or not, regale us all with your children's antics, reflect deeply on the readings, or just do a straight picture post - anything goes as long as you actually wore your outfit to church. The link-up is open until Friday, so you've got plenty of time to add your post!

Just a few ground rules before you link up:

1. Please include a photo of what you wore to church this week.

2. Please link back to this post in the body of your post, so your readers know where to find other posts (posts not mentioning "My Sunday Best" or not linking back to this post will be subject to removal).

3. Please visit some other posts in the link-up & leave a nice comment - this is all about affirming each other and building community, not just link dropping :)

4. Make sure the link you add is a link to your specific post or instagram picture (hashtag #mysundaybest and mention me in your caption, @rosiehill425 so I don't miss it!), not just your blog address.

5. Enjoy, and thanks for linking up!

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