My Sunday Best, Vol. 24: In Which Peter is Unbearably Cute

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Happy Sunday!

We're well into beautiful fall weather (I think this is the first *real* fall we've had in years, where it got cooler and STAYED cooler, and it doesn't look like it'll be bouncing back up to the 80s so woohoo!), so long sleeves are in and sleeveless dresses are (mostly) out!

Mary Claire was devastated when she looked at the photo previews and saw that John Paul had cut her off! So I took a picture of her alone with her baby penguin and Baby Mary Claire. That fixed everything!

We pulled out a bunch of the clothes that were in storage this weekend and found John Paul's adorable old loafers, sweater vests, corduroys, and other things. Peter *really* enjoys getting dressed for Mass (and being at Mass), so he was pretty pleased to have new shoes AND a sweater vest! 

He actually did surprisingly well at Mass - Andrew's rehearsal was late enough that he could come with us, and Peter didn't need to get taken out until the very end of Mass! His rosary was, as always, a hugely useful tool in keeping him quiet - he loves opening and closing it and chewing on it, and it's amazing how much time that takes up. 

Father preached on the rosary and had some really great tips for getting a family rosary in - we rarely manage to pray the rosary together (although we got one in on Friday and it went really well! So maybe we need to try more often), but he suggested doing a decade every night Monday-Friday and meditating on all 20 mysteries in a row for 4 weeks (so start with the first Joyful Mystery and then keep going through to the fifth Glorious Mystery on your last Friday), which I think is super-doable for a family with young kids. And given the state of things in the world today, we could all probably stand to pray more rosaries...

That's my, "John Paul, are you SURE it's in focus?" face...
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I ordered a long-sleeved dress on super-sale from Gap last week (which only ended up being like, $35 - right now they've got 40% off everything but it's back up to regular price, so almost $50 which is lame) and think it'll be a pretty frequent wear during this third trimester - I probably could have stood to size down, but it's soooo comfy and will work great post-partum as well since it's button-down and patterned enough to hide the post-partum belly. And sturdy and long enough to withstand the constant on-the-lap-off-the-lap motions that Mass brings. Highly recommend! (Also this lace neckline tank is lovely and only $18 with the sale right now - I got it in white and it's perfect!)

I'm on the lookout for cozy sweaters for post-partum now - a lot of mine have ended up with holes after so much wear and washing, and I pretty much live in nursing tanks, long sweaters, and scarves once baby's born. This one from ModCloth is super-cute and I'm a sucker for cable knits - do you have any good sources for long cozy cardigans? 

Also, I realized I left you hanging with the last post if you're not following me on instagram or facebook - here's an update on the baby situation:

I'll post a more detailed update at some point, but we're still waiting to see the MFM specialist and figure out what exactly we're doing about delivery (induction? wait and see?) and I want those loose ends tied up, gosh darnit!

Your turn!

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