26/52: Missing Teeth and Purple Potatoes

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

We had already planted red and yellow potatoes, but when we were at the garden store and saw purple (technically blue) potatoes, I couldn't help myself! So we planted a few of those late and harvested them last week. I figured hey, the kids still don't like regular potatoes, but maybe purple potatoes!


They still don't like them. Even roasted with shallots (seriously, amaaazing!). They're so pretty though, I think we'll plant more next year. Purple skin, light purple inside, and turns blue when they're cooked. How cool is that??

Cecilia has been asking when I think she'll lose a tooth. None of them seemed loose, but she's 6 so we knew it'd come soon... Well, one day during dinner she pulled a tooth out of her mouth! I thought she was joking and had a piece of rice, but apparently she had felt something strange, noticed her tooth was loose, and pulled it out herself! She's insisted that I tell everyone. 


The entirety of facebook, the men building our fence, our priest, her best friend's mom... Everyone.

Now she tells me she's working on making a quilt for Edith. Considering the handkerchief she planned on making me for my birthday that got abandoned quickly, I don't have high hopes for the quilt project! But I'm glad that I can give her a drawer full of remnants and space at my neglected sewing table. I never get to sew there, but she does!

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