28/52: Giant Slip & Slide!

Friday, July 21, 2017

I wanted to get a giant slip and slide for John Paul's birthday party - we have SO much room and I thought it would be a big hit. But looking at the pricing on kits gave me quite a bit of sticker shock, since the no-frills ones really just looked like a giant tarp... Surely we could make one for cheaper? So I went to google and saw some really easy versions (trash bags taped together) and some ridiculously complicated versions (pool noodles velcroed to the sides as bumpers?). I went to social media and got some excellent tips from friends, and ordered the things I needed.

You only need four things to set up a really basic slip and slide (affiliate links!)- tarp clips ($16), garden staples ($16 for 100) plastic sheeting (should run you $30-40, and we only used half of this length), and a sprinkler (which you probably already have!). A small container of dish soap will also serve to lubricate the slide, and then you don't have to bathe anyone afterwards, so double-duty ftw! We already had the garden staples from other projects, so we ended up spending around $60 for the whole project (as opposed to 2-3x that for a very basic big one, or 10x that for one of the giant inflatable ones that breaks after a few uses), and are reusing everything so I think it's a good investment, and it was a HUGE hit with everyone! As a bonus, we're using it to solarize some weeds in the garden to kill them all and build up the soil now.

I found about 20 out-of-focus shots of Edith on the camera after the embroidery shots I had taken of John Paul... Looks like somebody was messing with the self-timer.

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