Meal Planning, Tomatoes, and One More Thing {7QT}

Friday, July 27, 2018


I took to Instagram on Monday, enlisting crowd help for meal planning for the week and it did NOT DISAPPOINT. I actually think I might do this every week because Monday is generally our Aldi day and it's good for me to have meals planned for the week so I don't need any mid-week grocery trips. Anyway, here's what we've eaten/are eating:


I *did* forget to put sparkling water on the list, which has been a pretty sad omission. Evidently I've been really motivated, because everything has been from scratch: pizza, rolls for the meatball subs, sauce for the subs, even the meatballs (although I made them last month and froze them).

Some days I make everything from scratch. Other days I order pizza. Balance, right?


Speaking of cooking from scratch, I'm pretty proud of how much the kids helped! They all desperately wanted to help peel+seed tomatoes, so I grudgingly let them and... They did a great job! Wondering if I can outsource this for the rest of the summer, because we've got a LOT of tomatoes. Like, went and picked these this morning and there are still more out there:

(And that's not including the other basket, or the ones I gave away and the ones we ate with dinner)

It's a good thing we really, really like tomatoes. Well, everybody but Edith, who loved them last summer and absolutely refuses to taste them this summer.


My morning routine has felt off since the last Take Up & Read study ended... So I'm really glad the next study starts Sunday! I'm hoping to work through it with some local ladies later in the summer/early fall, but I'm going through it on my own with the online group, too. There's a lot of really, really good stuff to unpack, and I *know* I can work on being a better friend! 

Are you going to be doing the study? You should!! Here's my affiliate link --> True Friend Study

I'll admit that I don't take advantage of all the journaling space... I just like to read the Scripture verses + essays. So if you're not a journaler, don't worry! You'll get a lot out of it just by reading :)


Andrew just found this homesteading conference that's like, 15 minutes away in October. I'm pretty sure we need to go! It would've been a lot more useful a few years ago, since I feel like we've learned a lot of the skills they're offering at this point but... It should be fun! And it'll be interesting to see the type of people who actually go to something like this ;)


I just walked into the bathroom and saw this.


In other news, everyone is on a potty language kick that magically seems to end the moment I tell them the next person who says "poop" has to clean the toilet.

I applaud their relative sense of self control, but the toilet still needs cleaning so I hope somebody slips up soon...


You made it this far! You deserve a prize!

How about an announcement from our second-youngest?

That's right! Baby Hill #7 coming February 2019! What better way to cap off NFP Week than a pregnancy announcement? HUMANAE VITAE, Y'ALL!!!

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  1. Congratulations on number 7! There is nothing like a big family! :)

  2. Congratulations, Rosie! I'll keep you in my prayers. Also, LOVE those announcement photos...she is just the sweetest.

    1. Thank you! I dug the shirt out of the twins' old clothes and she was REALLY excited about it ;)

  3. Hope you are feeling well. God grant you strength!

  4. Oh my gosh! What a sweet big sister! Congrats on lucky #7! Hope you are feeling ok!

  5. How fun we have #7 coming in February too!!! blessings from Oregon!!

    1. Oh how exciting!! Congratulations to you all, Amy!

  6. So happy for you. Congratulations! I will be praying for you. I have 6 children six and under too so I really appreciate your blog. Thanks for giving me some much needed laughs.

    1. These are crazy days! Sometimes all we can do is laugh ;)

  7. Goodness, congratulations! I hope you're feeling well because all those beautiful tomatoes aren't going to eat themselves!

    1. If I ever developed a tomato aversion I don't know what I'd do!!!


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