39/52: Tinkering Around

Thursday, October 4, 2018

John Paul has been getting Tinker Crates (a birthday gift from Grandpa), and we love everything from Kiwi Co! They run sales seasonally and you can buy standalone kits, so definitely check them out (affiliate link) if you're looking for unique gifts that will keep kids busy!

Every month when one comes in the mail, everybody gathers around excitedly and an exercise in patience ensues, as John Paul desperately tries to control his temper amidst grabbing hands and encroaching preschoolers, ultimately retreating to his room to finish the project. It is REALLY FUN to deal with, let me tell you! This month was a hydraulic claw, but I think the spin art box is the favorite so far and there is NOT paint all over the house (not sarcasm, actual truth) so definitely a success.

Edith tells me she is a "Bid dirl AND baby same TIME!" And you can see just how much "big girl" is encroaching - efforts to put on her own shoes, and my personal favorite, lying in a chair (just like her older siblings) reading books. It's hilarious and amazing. She's DEFINITELY a big girl and baby too!

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