42/52: Explorers

Monday, October 22, 2018

Do you see it? Obviously, this whole group of felled trees is a clubhouse! Andrew and some friends downed them this summer, since they were on their way to succumbing to disease, and I've been waiting for the kids to decide this was *the* place to play. Well, after one afternoon when I assigned them all to go find new acorns and pignuts for Edith to "work" with at the table, they've all rediscovered this treasure trove of an outdoor space!

The branches are gradually getting cleared away and burned as we have more bonfires (it's all pine, so not suitable for the wood stove, sadly), which leaves some pretty epic balance beams & supports for a system of houses & horses (because obviously the larger branches are meant for riding!).

I'm hoping that as it stays cooler, the kids will all decide to go down to this little area and spend many hours leaving me alone! Only time will tell...

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