41/52: Potatoes For All!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

This week during outside time the girls disappeared for quite a while, emerging dirty and victorious with tiny potatoes clutched in their grubby little hands! They had sifted through the dirt piles from our potato harvest the previous weekend, looking for the itty bitty potatoes that had been overlooked, since those are their favorites.

Then everybody needed potatoes, so I let them sort through some of the baskets and find a few that had bug holes or shovel marks, because those needed to be eaten soon anyway. They washed them, cut them up, and ate them boiled with cottage cheese or butter. Considering the fact that they will NOT eat boiled potatoes when I make them, I wasn't expecting them to eat their creations, but everything tastes better when you cook it yourself. No leftover potatoes for the chickens!

We (I) have also been working on using up the abundance of peppers we have as garden season nears completion. There are a LOT of jalapenos, and I discovered that bacon-wrapped jalapenos are totally delicious, so we had some the other day when we took a picnic to our favorite winery. And by *we* I mean Peter, John Paul, and I ate them. Nobody else will touch them, because you can't actually tell how spicy each individual jalapeno will be unless it's all the way red... Sometimes the green ones are totally mild, and sometimes they've got quite a kick!


  1. Your potatoes are beautiful! What date do you plant them to get a harvest now?

  2. These are the same ones we planted earlier in the year, we've just been letting them stay in the ground to cure for storage - helps develop thicker skins 😊


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