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Friday, October 19, 2018


Our procrastination wasn't the *absolute* worst this year, so it only took us until week 22 of the pregnancy to get the 20-week ultrasound, and praise God, everything looks good! I was pretty sure it wasn't twins, but it's always a relief to have that confirmed... And after Edith's medical issues, it was also a big relief that everything looks healthy for this babe!


So what are we having? It's a...


We've *tried* to go for a surprise the last few pregnancies, but then we ended up with twins (that's enough of a surprise!), impatience (don't get the gender in an envelope to "maybe look at later" because you WILL), and then a million extra ultrasounds because of Edith's lung issues so we decided not to be surprised about one more thing...

But this time, by golly, it'll be a surprise!!


I feel compelled to let you know that I've still been a meal planning rock star, despite generally feeling horrible (actually I think I've finally hit my "good" two weeks in the middle of pregnancy where I don't feel sick, hallelujah!).

Week of 9/10:

Monday: Cheesy potato soup
Tuesday: Leftovers
Wednesday: Fried risotto cakes, melon
Thursday: Penne w/sausage cream sauce, salad
Friday: Quesadillas, rice, refried beans
Saturday: Burritos

Week of 9/17:

Monday: Greek meatballs (keftedes) with lemon feta rice
Tuesday: Costco
Wednesday: Cheese & spinach empanadas
Thursday: Breakfast sandwiches
Friday: Pesto ravioli
Saturday: Grilled cheese sandwiches + tomato soup

Week of 9/24:

Sunday: Cheddar beer soup w/pretzel rolls
Monday: Bacon mac n cheese & green beans
Tuesday: Chicken pot pie
Wednesday: Chicken quesadillas, rice, guac & salsa
Thursday: Penne amatriciana & salad
Friday: Homemade pizza

Week of 10/1:

Monday: Hand pies, marinated chick peas w/feta
Tuesday: Tacos w/refried beans
Wednesday: Greek chicken & roasted potatoes, salad
Thursday: Giant salad w/chicken, deviled eggs
Friday: Baked spaghetti w/roasted broccoli

Week of 10/8:

Monday: Bacon mac n cheese & green beans
Tuesday: Pot roast, mashed potatoes, salad
Wednesday: Shepherd's pie, more salad
Thursday: Sheet pan fajitas
Friday: Pesto pasta w/fresh mozzarella
Saturday: Winery picnic

Week of 10/15:

Monday: Chicken noodle soup
Tuesday: Costco
Wednesday: Pulled pork + mashed potatoes + salad
Thursday: Enchilada casserole
Friday: Baked spaghetti + salad
Saturday: Quesadillas
Sunday: Loaded potato soup with cheesy bread


I'm far enough removed from most of this that I really can't remember what we did for the dates not listed... Some of them were parties where we were fed, there were a couple times we ended up eating out/ordering pizza, including this past Sunday when I was all set to make chicken noodle soup, only to be interrupted to take Mary Claire to the emergency room for stitches!

It was our first emergency room visit with ANY of the kids, so she's very proud to be the "winner" there, but would really rather it had never happened.

Elizabeth was reading a book and found a funny typo to share, so Mary Claire ran over to see, tripped on a blanket, and slammed into the corner of the chair with her eyebrow!

5 stitches, 2 popsicles, and a decent amount of blood later, and our first major injury can be attributed to... Grammar. Because of course.

She's feeling much better, and even has an attractive, naturally-darkened & defined eyebrow!


I was actually pretty proud of myself for being able to recognize that this was bad enough to need actual medical attention! I tend to be very non-alarmist, and for us illnesses tend to clear up on their own so I haven't taken anyone to the doctor/ER for an illness since... Elizabeth was a baby (that was roseola, and now I know how to recognize it so I wouldn't take a baby in for that again)? (Also, not counting all of Edith's millions of visits for her lung stuff)

But when a kid gets a cut deep enough for me to see into it and her eyebrow is drooping down in a rather alarming/disgusting manner... Yes, we will very happily pursue medical attention, thank you!

(I have nothing against doctors/modern medicine, there are just so many illnesses that clear up on their own, it's a whole lot of work & $$ getting to the doctor, and I'd rather not infect everyone else at the office when it's probably better to just quarantine ourselves.)


We're headed out for a fancy date tomorrow night (fundraising gala at a local private school that we got tickets for through Andrew's work) and I've got my dress & shoes (affiliate links and WOW those shoes have a low price right now!!) covered, but will this *finally* be what drives me to get my first hair cut in 3+ years?? Will update soon...

Currently: past my waist, long enough to be sat on!


Do you have a small shop? Or do you have friends with one? Please let them know they have until next Friday to fill out this form so I can include them in this year's "Shop Small" gift guide! It's always a ton of work on my end, but I love being able to spread the word for these small businesses AND I totally use the coupon codes for my own shopping, so it's win-win ;)

(Here's last year's gift guide if you want early ideas—it got a huge response!)

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  1. I tried talking my husband into having an ultrasound to find out gender for the first time ever with this #7 and he has stuck to his guns!! So we too will be surprised in February. Hope you have more weeks of feeling better!!! Smiles from Oregon.

    1. I'm not convinced I really like waiting!! We're *terrible* at deciding on names and this is going to make it harder, but it's worth a try at least once, right?

    2. We didn't find out with babies 1, 2, 4, and 6. We found out with baby 3 and it was the LONGEST pregnancy ever as everyone knew baby's gender and name. I found out accidentally at a 28 week ultrasound with baby 5 when the student ultrasound tech decided to take a look around and as I was looking at the screen, she told me that I may want to look away as she's at baby's bottom (it was so obviously a boy) and she kept calling baby "he" when she informed me that she "usually calls baby....she!" I was so disappointed. However, with this baby #7 due in March, I did do the envelope thing as Rosie mentioned and I kept trying to peek into it, so my husband and I just opened it....only 2 days after my! We aren't telling anyone though so we can still surprise everyone!

  2. Your menu is so full of variety. I feel like I always have the same things. Have fun at the fundraiser!

    1. It depends on what your gifts are! Some people like to cook, others not so much. I highly recommend putting the effort in to finding what style receipes work for you. For instance I am all about soups, slow cooker, ingredients that can be found at Aldi, and chicken thighs. Other people like sandwiches, roasts, sheet pans, or "potluck" when you stick out veggie trays, hummus, etc. Pinterest can be helpful if you know your key words! Besides, if you like what you make, why change? There's still a lot of pressure for women to cook, but with kids and obligations, keeping it simple is fine. --MariaE

    2. I just really like to cook (and eat ;)) and there are so many different things I like! The house is a mess, but we eat well ;)

  3. An emergency visit due to grammar... SO funny! :) And so appropriate for a homeschooling family! :)

    1. I know, I feel like it's absolutely the most appropriate reason for injury in our family!!

  4. I am genuinely curious as to what the typo was!
    It's exciting that you're going to try to keep the gender a surprise! We were surprised with both our girls and somehow thought they'd both be boys. Next time I'm deciding to guess girl regardless of any "intuition".
    Do you or your husband have a feeling what the gender might be??

    1. Apparently it was just "Have" spelled "Have" so not even that funny!!

      Everybody wants a boy so I have no intuition!

  5. That pretzel bun! I am drooling and craving for one now.
    As for the baby ~ we waited for a surprise for baby 3-5. I want to actually know the gender for the future babies but hubs want to keep the surprise going.
    Your hair! I saw the post that cut it. I love the curls and length but i bet you feel like you lost 10 lbs from all that beautiful hair. Did you donate it? If so, somebody will be very happy!

    1. I have the hair sitting in a bag waiting to be donated! Just have to get around to it 😉


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