10/52: Big Girl Braids, Babies, and Books

Monday, March 11, 2019

The stars aligned the other day and Edith was willing to hold still long enough for "big girl braids"—I highly recommend Dutch braids vs. French braids for baby-fine hair, they ended up staying in for days! Although they did look rather rough after she slept on them ;)

Lucy is proving to be... Not our easiest baby. I think she let me put her down on Monday and Saturday of last week. That's all. Physically I'm feeling up to doing most things, so that means I can cram in as many chores as possible during those fleeting moments and feel relatively productive, but it's still always exhausting having a baby attached to you at most times. I'm super-thankful that we could hire a friend of mine as a post partum doula to come help a couple hours a day for the past couple weeks, but life is back to normal now, and it's a new normal that we've got to figure out!

Cecilia is, yet again, quite the baby whisperer. I can generally count on her to hold the fussy baby at least a couple times a day so that I can wash dishes/prep lunch/go to the bathroom... Now we just need to get Lucy's weight gain on track and I'll be feeling a lot better! We've dealt with this with several of the kids and it always resolves, but it's also always stressful. So it looks like my Lenten penance is nonstop nursing and forcing myself to eat so that I get enough calories to feed this baby!


  1. I'll keep Lucy and you in my prayers. Thank goodness for Cecilia!

  2. YES we are dealing with the same issue. My right shoulder is killing me from holding the baby so much! I wear him a lot but I can't do a lot of my garden prep like that and the things I can do are at a snails pace. When he does fall asleep or lets someone else hold him I'm like a whirlwind of productivity! Definitely our most challenging child and he is also having weight gain issues, he is probably right over 9 lbs where John at this age was 12 lbs! (Although that's not a fair comparison, he was a behemoth!) I will keep you guys in my prayers

    1. Oh our garden prep is a total joke right now, I just need to make a list of things for Andrew to do because I can't do anything... I got seeds started, at least!

      Part of my problem is definitely that I haven't been managing to eat enough, having other kids makes that hard because the moment you put the baby down, you have to feed THEM before yourself!!

  3. Oh- how I love first braids, ponytails, and other such girly fun! That sweet babe!

  4. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. Prayers for you and all in your sweet family.


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