22/52: Market Bags, Inventors, and Twins

Thursday, June 6, 2019

The other day, the "Magic Peep House" (basically a shed of doom full of junk) got cleaned out and we found our old double snap & go from when the twins were babies. It's pretty trashed so I'm not sure we can even give it away, but before I could decide, the kids figured out that they could load it up with cargo, tie it to a bike, and pull it around like a makeshift rickshaw. It was pretty darned inventive, even if they DID get really upset when we wouldn't let people sit in the basket. Well, actually Edith got to sit in it for a while because she's tiny, but it started ripping a little so we ended that pretty quickly.

The twins had their Visitation feast day the other day and conveniently picked one of the easiest possible meat-free meals for me to make for them (this, minus the crispy egg and with salad on the side), but John Paul, Cecilia, and Peter ended up SO UPSET because it's one of their favorite meals and they were out of town for an ordination with my sister. I keep assuring them that I can make it again once we start harvesting the garlic, but they're pretty angry that there weren't any leftovers. Funny kids!

Lucy maintains her streak of refusing to smile for the big camera. She was smiling so much at me when Andrew was holding her, so I grabbed the camera for a picture and she immediately clammed up. Stinker!

We're not doing the CSA this year because Lucy's so adorably intense, but we *are* offering "Market Bags" on a weekly basis, generally for $20ish (cheaper last week because there wasn't much ready yet) for produce, eggs, and bread. We'll see how many takers we get as the season progresses, but it's always nice to be growing things that aren't only for us! If you're local (or go to St. John's where Andrew does the music), shoot me an email and I'll reserve one for you :)


  1. Those baby eyes. So adorable! God bless you all. <3

  2. Wish I lived close enough to buy one of your baskets from you!

  3. I live in Brooklyn and that snap n go has been repurposed to haul junk, mostly cans and bottles to be redeemed for nickles (a competitive hustle out here!) But I have never seen a real stroller tied to a bike! I love it!

    1. That's brilliant! I need to get the kids to work on hauling actually helpful things in it, but that wouldn't be as fun 😉


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