24/52: Bread, Beets, and Boots

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

We had an interesting surprise on our front porch last week... The kids were getting reading for bed when John Paul heard a strange squeaking noise and asked what it was. I assumed it was just him making a weird noise and pretending he didn't know what it was. Then I figured it was his Snap Circuits. Then we realized it sounded like a cat, so we though the girls were pretending to be kittens... But when he looked out the front door, it was a kitten! Cecilia immediately ran outside, scooped it up, and named it "Boots" because of her little white paws. We think she may have lost her mom (there was a dead adult cat in the road a couple days before) and went looking for someone who might have food... She's surprisingly friendly for a feral kitten, and my mom took her to the vet to confirm that she's a girl and to have a belly injury looked at. She's limping less and we're hoping she makes a full recovery and can live in the feed shed and eat/scare away the rodents that like to get into the chicken feed! Thankfully my mom has leftover supplies from when she used to have feral cats living at her old house, so for now Boots is staying safe in a nice little cage while the other outdoor cat, Whiskers, gets used to having her around.

We harvested one round of baby beets (had to thin them out, they were getting so big!) for our weekly Market Bags and Elizabeth needed me to take a picture of her with her favorite one. Because wouldn't you have a favorite beet? They are such pretty things, I do wish we actually liked eating them! I baked this bread to go in the bags as well, and it was absolutely delicious! Definitely making it again, hopefully soon! (Pssst if you're local, sign up for our email list!)

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I enlisted John Paul's help to try to get an updated profile picture of some sort and actually got some decent ones the other day! I figured that I'd end up looking pregnant, because a random grandma at the playground (right after asking how old Lucy was) assumed I was the other day, but it turns out the skirt I'm wearing is magically flattering, definitely my favorite post partum ThredUp find! (also, they're currently running a promo to give you $20 credit on your first order through the end of the month, so definitely give it a try if you haven't already!) Actually the top and the skirt are from ThredUp, and I can't sing the praises of this t-shirt enough! Perfect drape, doesn't get stretched out, hides the ubiquitous nursing pads in my nursing tank... A post partum mom couldn't ask for more! It goes on sale new fairly often, but you can also find new or like-new ones used if you click here (the ones with the chest pocket are the ones I like).


  1. The vets and I think she is not feral. We think she was raised with people and then dumped "out in the country," which is where people dump unwanted pets. I guess they think all animals can manage by themselves. Hmph. Anyway, Boots is way too friendly to have been a feral kitten.

    1. Yeah I suppose that makes sense... What a terrible thing to do to an animal, though!


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