Stitch Fix Post Partum Edition #2

Friday, June 14, 2019

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It's Stitch Fix time! It's warmed up a TON since my last box, and I had some credit waiting for me so I figured I'd give it a try and hopefully find a cute dress to wear to Mass. However, it ended up being CRAZY hot the week that the box came, the air conditioning is (still) broken, the baby is sleep regressing, and I've basically been a frazzled mess. SO I took pictures, but I didn't like, center the camera, crop anything, edit, straighten, or heck, even fix my hair or put on makeup. But you get the idea!

First up...
Colette Romey Cold Shoulder Knit Top ($34)
(similar, similar for less than $15)

Okay blech, I hate cold shoulder tops. This one actually wasn't too bad, and was decently flattering considering I'm still hanging on to ALL my post partum weight (officially no longer cramming myself full of extra calories to make milk for the baby, pretty sure my supply is good enough and that it's time to lose some of this cushioning...). But y'all, I can't do those darned cold shoulders. It's just the principle of the thing.

Verdict: No

Donna Morgan Mae Faux Wrap Knit Midi Dress ($88)
(Exact dress for $30 less!)

I don't know what that face is... Probably the fact that all the kids kept trying to jump into the frame for every picture? This isn't a print I would choose for myself, and the kind of shark-bite hemline isn't one I'd gravitate towards either... But it's nursing-friendly, a material that I know will hold up well over time, and works for Mass with a cardigan over it. Plus Andrew actually likes it! And he doesn't care about ANYTHING I wear!

Verdict: Yes, but only because I had enough credit to cover it, otherwise that price was too high

Loveappella Madyson Faux Wrap Knit Midi Skirt ($48)
 (similar, similar)

I really liked the print on this skirt! But "faux wrap" in this case seems to mean that the skirt has an elastic waistband but can fly open like a regular wrap skirt. Worst of both worlds? That's a no from me.

Verdict: No

Cosmic Blue Love Ava Button Down Top ($64)
(similar for a much better price, similar in a million colors for $17!!)

This picture actually doesn't do justice to this top - I think it would be really cute tucked into a high-waisted skirt or tied over a solid dress, but $64 was way too much for such a basic top! Obviously I would never pair it with this skirt but I was trying things on as quickly as I could and that happened to be the skirt I was wearing.

Verdict: No

Lauren Ralph Lauren Vica Shirt Dress ($124)
(exact here, similar for WAY cheaper)

John Paul really liked this one, and I don't know why... It was weirdly thick, not particularly flattering, and SO expensive!

Verdict: No

Want to try your own fix? You can get $25 credit towards your first fix by using my link—nothing beats free money! Don't forget they have men's, women's, maternity, kids, and plus sizes now! John Paul has requested a box for his birthday and it'll definitely be interesting to see how they style him.


  1. I love the style + print of the dress you kept! And, yikes, the prices of the top and last dress- how so expensive?!

    1. I don't understand it!! And I have my price preferences set at the lowest level, too...

  2. Oh man I think the dress John Paul liked is gorgeous on you! But yeah, those prices are a bit high huh?

    1. And it was so so hot, too! Would definitely need to be for fall or early spring.


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