June Skirt Challenge, Week 2!

Monday, June 15, 2020

Week 2 is in the books! Here's what I wore this week (not actually in order, so I'll try to remember the prompt and add outfit details below in case you're interested):

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Vintage elegance! The girls aren't on theme but they were so cute dressed up for Mass that obviously we needed a picture.
Top: Vintage via my friend Lisa's shop on Etsy 
Skirt: old from eShakti
Hat: Amazon (has held up really well over the years!)
Cecilia's dress: Amazon (I love this brand and style, they are nice and long and really well-constructed)

Favorite character: I was going for emulating the style on the cover of this book (which is wonderful and you need to read it!) but I removed the apron and the shirt after I took the picture because it was too hot!

Style a dress as a skirt: this is an old favorite maxi dress that I knotted a t-shirt over. Super simple!

Out of your comfort zone... I have never owned a nursing dress but this one was on sale and I was already ordering the skirt below and wanted free shipping... Super comfy, easy to nurse in, but I still think nursing dresses look weird!

T-shirt style: This is basically my everyday uniform, a basic t-shirt (I usually stock up from ThredUp when my others wear out) and an a-line skirt. I just got this one because evidently I couldn't resist a targeted ad, but I do try to mostly shop secondhand/ethical shops though I don't always manage 100%.

I think this was "Throwback Style"? All I can remember is that it was REALLY HOT and my Pyne & Smith dresses are the very coolest things I own. They are PRICEY new, but I have managed to find a couple secondhand, and purchased another when it went on major sale, so I'd say for the price I paid and the amount I wear them, it's been worth the investment.

Last, One Dress, Two Ways: All I really did was belt this dress... But it's magical and works all the way through pregnancy AND makes me look normal-ish post partum, which is basically a unicorn dress in my eyes!

Have you been trying to follow along with the prompts? Want to join in for the second half of the month? I would love to hear how it's going for you!


  1. Sorry I wasn't able to participate via Instagram (too many people from various groups followed me once I went public), but it is fun to see your pictures!

  2. Love the blouse, Rosie!! And I'm DYING over that plaid skirt. The colors, buttons, and tie- so summery and cute! It's been so fun to see all different ways people are styling the prompts.:)

    1. And it has nice big pockets! Such an amazing skirt 😍

  3. I am sincerely asking, how are your girls comfortable in the summer in long sleeves and dresses to their ankles? I would be miserable.

    1. It was an unseasonably cool day! Didn't even get up to 70 degrees, so it felt frigid to them after temperatures in the 90s :)

  4. Oh that makes sense. Thanks for answering. It has been in the 90's here forever and I was sweating just looking at them. ha ha. Have a great day.


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