June Skirt Challenge, Week 3

Monday, June 22, 2020

Week 3 has come and gone, and once again I forgot to take decent pictures of a few outfits... Grainy cell phone pictures it is!

Day 15: Stripes or Plaid (I chose both!)

Day 16: Favorite color (blue, blue, forever blue!)

Day 17: Twin Day (with one of the twins, to boot!)
A better shot of the whole dress on Day 17

Day 18: Little Black Dress - all mine are maternity or not nursing-friendly, so I hiked up a maxi skirt and tied a shirt over it!

Day 19: Thrifted, all from ThredUp for less than $20 total!

Day 20: Splurge or Steal? Technically both, since the top was free through Stitch Fix Credit, and the skirt (which you can barely see but I promise it's wonderful) is a splurge from ModCloth but WONDERFUL with pockets and actually machine washable even though it says hand wash only ;)

Day 21: Marian Blue, from head to toe!

Need outfit details? A few of these are still possible to find online, affiliate links below:

Plaid midi skirt (very few sizes left, so might only be possible to find used now)
Magical striped skirt: There are tons on poshmark, search "j crew factory linen skirt" and you might find one in your size! Runs large, so size down if you're unsure. Here's a referral link for $10 w/code ROSIEHILL425
Amazing ModCloth midi skirt (comes in lots of colors and tons of sizes!) 

And I know you can't see them, but every time I'm wearing my hair up I'm using these amazing flexi clips - they're running a big sale through tonight, so if you've been curious to try some yourself, now is a great time! Here's my storefront!


  1. Can you please tell me where you got the plaid skirt? I’m in love with it!

    1. Gap, but it's sold out 😭 maybe it'll show up on poshmark next season?


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