27/52: Matching Dresses and Strawflowers

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

I got the girls matching dresses from Tea Collection (affiliate link!) a few weeks ago when they were having an AMAZING sale, and I was a little worried that Cecilia wouldn't be into the matching thing because she's usually opposed... But she was excited about this dress, and the twins ALWAYS love matching with each other (and rarely get to, because I'm usually too cheap to buy two of the same dress). Their faces don't show just how pleased they were, I promise.

(those dresses are gone but there are tons of other things available, and I love how sturdy they are in addition to being ethically sourced, & donating a portion of their profits to some really wonderful charities - usually I buy them secondhand whenever I can find any, but they're pricey secondhand as well, so definitely keep an eye on future sales)

Edith needed me to take her picture as well, because I can't possible leave her out! So there she is next to Mary, and you will be pleased to know that now Edith is so big that she's even taller than Mary! Well, when she stands on Mary's pedestal with her...

We planted strawflower in the garden this year because I read that it makes a good dried flower and Cecilia has been excited at the prospect of making dried floral arrangements. It's a really cool flower! The petals feel papery and the colors stay bright even when it has wilted because I kept forgetting to add water to the vase... I'm interesting in trying other colors of it next year!

Meanwhile, we've found our first cucumbers in the garden (and have lots more transplants to put in after seeds failed to germinate directly in the ground), eggplants galore, TONS of squash and zucchini, and the melons are spreading like it's their job. I love summer garden season!

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