June Skirt Challenge, Week 4 + Summary

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Finally, it's over!

I mean, I'm still going to keep wearing skirts and dresses (and once again, I do not think you are a bad person if you wear pants, although apparently there ARE people out there who think women wearing pants is inherently sinful...). But I don't have to document it anymore!!

I have loved seeing the outfits people came up with on Twitter and Instagram - it's been such a fun way to exercise a little creativity, particularly since it can be tough to get "dressed up" when you're not going anywhere. But don't we all feel a little better when we get dressed promptly and are wearing something we love?

I'm not sure I learned much of anything this round of the challenge (except that I don't like following prompts because I would rather just default to the same 5 outfits, apparently)... But I've had a few people request another round in the fall, so we can all get ideas for layering and cold weather outfits. I'm up for that! November Skirt Challenge, anyone?

Affiliate links below:

Day 22: Easy Breeezy (linen top is breezy, skirt has elastic waist so it's easy? I dunno)

Day 23: Work of Art (see below for the one I was trying to emulate)

Day 24: Pattern Mixing (love this skirt and it's on sale in a couple sizes!)

Day 25: Repeat Outfit (which should have been day 26 soooo... whoops)

Day 26: ACTUAL Repeat Outfit (which I combined with "pop of color")

Day 27: Copycat (I was going to copy someone else's outfit but then most of my clothes were dirty so instead I just copied a color palette from Pinterest, but I think this is my least favorite combination because it's really not flattering)

Day 28: Wear a hat! Twist my arm, you know how I love hats!

Day 29: Button Down - I was thinking about button-down tops, but it's been ridiculously hot so I needed my coolest dress!

Day 30: Belted - I'll be honest, I took the belt off right after I took the picture because yet again, I needed to be cool! I do a lot more belts in the winter and fall.

Did you participate in the challenge? Any parting thoughts to share? I would love to hear about your experience!

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