Friday, February 10, 2012

You know when you love books so much that sometimes you have to sit down in a bin full of them?

Yeah, me neither...  But Cecilia loves books that much!  We spend a LOT of time reading every day.  The same book.  Over and over.  She particularly likes books about animals or saints.  Books that feature both animals AND saints are the best - St. Francis, we love you!

John Paul, as always, is also a book fiend.  I've started saving exciting library books for Cecilia's nap time so that he can read them on his own while I'm nursing her.  He RUNS over to the couch as soon as I tell him it's time for her to sleep.  Then he asks me for probably like, 6 or 7 different books and just sits there quietly reading to himself for like, an hour!

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