Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's hard to tell, but Cecilia *does* have enough hair for a little fountain on top of her head.

So, much to Andrew's chagrin, I put her hair up and *tried* to get a good picture.

Problem is, every time she sees the camera she DESPERATELY needs to get to it.

Which amounts in no small amount of wailing...

And rushing the camera before Mom can get a good picture.

And of course, crying.

And imploring Mom DESPERATELY - don't you know I NEED that camera???

Distracted momentarily by the window...

She's back again to get the camera!  I gave in at this point...  I think this series of pictures shows pretty well what kind of temperament she has!


  1. I am very familiar of the "I must get the camera" phase! The girls are out of that phase, but now they will pose (although they can't stay still) and then want to see the picture immediately. This definitely slows down the process! At least I don't have to try to hide the camera and sneak quick pictures anymore.

  2. Hehe yeah, that's a fun stage too! I'm looking forward to that, because at least then we don't have to deal with fingerprints on the lens...


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