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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

John Paul found a diaper he REALLY wanted to wear the other day (he hasn't worn a single diaper in over a week, but apparently airplane diaper is EXCITING!), and immediately stripped off his pants and underwear and tried desperately to get it on.  Cecilia watched while in the bin of diapers he had pulled down.

And apparently Cecilia's ready to be a big sister - here she is sitting on her baby doll, which she has found to be the most effective way of getting the baby to talk to her.  Maybe she needs to be an interrogator?  Also, she's wearing a diaper with no cover, no pants, no socks, but by golly she's gonna wear shoes!  I have to hide them so that she doesn't insist on wearing them all day long...  Girl loves her accessories!

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  1. To be fair, those shoes are REALLY cute. If I were as cute as Cecilia, I'd want to wear them all the time, too. Of course, she also wants to wear her dad's shoes and your boots that go up to her armpits . . .


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