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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Apparently the excitement over new clothes begins earlier than I expected...  Got a box of spring clothes in the mail and BOTH kids were so excited to try them on.  There's John Paul in his new argyle sweater vest and seersucker blazer (the pants never made it back on after he used the potty...).

And Cecilia in an adorable new pair of flip flops!  Girl LOVES shoes and was super-excited for these :)

And that's a scrape on/under her nose - someone decided to run downhill on the sidewalk while refusing to hold Mom's hand.  Shocker, she fell.

In other news, John Paul's current favorite song is "If I Had A Million Dollars" which has prompted an obsession with Curious George, because one of the 3 verses I'm willing to sing (it's a LONG song, I've pared it down to about 30 seconds) is the one about a monkey.  And now he's making up his own verses, which is pretty amusing.  "I would buy you a TWUCK!  I would buy you a FWONT-END WOADER!  I would buy you a BIRD!  I would buy you a GEORGE!  I would buy you a MOM!!!"

I was not a huge fan of our Curious George anthologies until this obsession started - now I don't have to read the *same* book over and over, I can pick one of 8 every night!  And I pretty much get to pick...  I read all the possible titles while emphasizing the ones I haven't read, and he generally picks one that I want :)

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  1. You're so manipulative! Getting your children to obey your will just as you used to get us to do it! :-)


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